Is Siri Screwing Up Google Search Results?

by Baba

Last updated on November 13th, 2011 at 12:32 pm

Everyone’s talking about Siri. She (it?) has YouTube videos made about her. It’s like a pop culture sensation for Apple iPhone 4S users to brag about and have fun with. But Google’s not laughing too much about Siri and her antics.

It’s a feature that might be messing up the appeal of Google’s search engine results, according to Eric Schmidt. So users of the Apple iPhone 4S can just turn Siri on and verbally ask her a question, such as “Siri, where’s a good Italian restaurant nearby?”

Siri can give her answer according to what Apple programmed her to. Suddenly, fewer people are tuning into Google search. They’re already having to compete with social media outlets like Facebook and other search engines like Bing.

Now Siri wants to take a slice of the pie! In this article:, TechCrunch implied that Siri is the “entry point” for Apple into the search engine business. This might not have mattered much to Google in the past, but now they’re keeping a watchful eye on the competition.

The AP News points out that Forbes called Siri a “Google killer.” Ouch! That has to hurt a search engine giant who previously was considered untouchable by all accounts. The funny thing is, Google is using this Siri threat as an advantage in its argument to the Senate’s antitrust subcommittee, showing that they are not a dominant force in search results.

And it’s not all about search result traffic. Of course, it comes down to cold, hard cash. When Siri speaks up and answers someone’s inquiry, she can do it without showing any mobile advertising.

That’s going to cut into Google’s profits. If the searcher were typing the inquiry into Google, they could have made money if an advertisement were to be clicked on in the search results.

Consumers prefer the use of Siri’s selective, short list results to the lengthy results pages you get when you conduct a simple Google search. In one study, Siri users all agreed that if Siri can answer the question, it renders the need for a Google search unnecessary.

Could this put the brakes on all of those Internet marketing courses teaching new and seasoned entrepreneurs to head hard and fast into mobile marketing ads? It could, but things change so fast that you can’t be surprised if somehow Google pairs up with Siri to share the revenue the two media giants could generate.

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