Social Media Is the Perfect Pairing to Mobile Marketing

by Baba

Just about everyone has a FaceBook page – from people breaking the “13 and over” rule to great grandmothers connecting with family members who live far away. But rarely do people sit at a desktop computer to engage in social media networking anymore.

Mobile connections are where it’s at – people log into FaceBook from their smart phone and share status updates with where they are right at that moment. This could prove to be a very lucrative opportunity to mobile marketers who are advertising through smart phone use.

Some social media platforms like Instagram are catering to smart phone users, ignoring PC diehards everywhere. And it hasn’t hurt them one bit. Their growth is currently at 12 million users and rising.

There are two kinds of mobile marketing you might want to brush up on – SMS, which is short messaging system (primarily text and number based) and MMS, which is a multi media method implementing audio, video, images and text combined – a perk feature for smart phone users.

Social media platforms are known for getting consumers engaged in games on their systems, too. And many of those gamers specifically use their smart phone to level up and compete against people they know.

There are ad opportunities for marketers and companies looking to reach those gamers in a mobile environment. They’re free, and funded by ads the consumer must watch before they can access the next stage in the game.

One good example of a brand that used mobile marketing paired with social media the right was is the Axe brand. They created a mobile FaceBook fan page that required people to “Like” it if they wanted to be in on a drawing for an iPod Touch. It gained 700,000 fans to date.

Many social networking sites push out information to the smart phone users whenever there are new messages, such as a notice from Twitter or FaceBook. This makes a big impression on the users for relevancy and consistency in their lives. It keeps them connected to the brand.

The best news is that you can tap into the power of social media platforms for a mobile audience without necessarily having to create an expensive ad campaign. There are always free routes you can take, like the creation of a YouTube channel or FaceBook Fan Page.

The key is then to learn how to generate a buzz and amass appeal from your target audience so that your brand goes viral in a mobile environment as well as to PC users still chained to a desktop.

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