Killer Content – The Secret to Long Term Success

by Baba

In the long run, the only way your site will last is if have great content. Great content is what gets people to link to your site, gets people to keep coming back and gets people to want to do business with you. In short, having good content is crucial to success.

What is good content? How do you write (or outsource) great content? Read on.

A Formula for Ranking with Content

Any site that’s getting started needs to have at least 5 to 10 articles on its main topic. The content should be 100% original, be at least 400 to 500 words long and should have your main keywords either in the title, in the body or both.

You shouldn’t spam your keywords in the article, but it is crucial for the search engines to easily be able to figure out what your website is about.  Do that with keyword rich titles and a moderate keyword density.

Write it Yourself vs. Outsource It

Should you write the content yourself? It really depends on your personal inclinations and budget.

If you’re on a tight budget, you enjoy writing and you really care about having your personality shine through the articles, then you should probably write the articles yourself. In fact, any blog that’s in your personal name should probably be written by yourself.

On the other hand, if you’re creating a website primarily so it’ll rank in the search engines and you don’t enjoy writing, then you’ll probably be better off outsourcing the content and working on higher leverage areas of the business.

One way isn’t better than the other. If you write the content yourself, you can often project more personality and passion than an outsourcer. On the other hand, writing content yourself is less scalable and can be more difficult and possibly less profitable. Again, it really depends on your personal inclinations and what kind of business you’re running.

Where to Find Outsourcers

Finding high quality writers at a decent price can be a challenge. Many reasonable priced writers have English as their second language, which usually results in poorer quality articles.

To find great articles at a decent price, try looking on internet marketing forums like the Warrior Forum. The Warriors for Hire section is a prime place to look for content outsourcers:

For example, one affordable writer’s package might look like:

Alternatively, instead of looking on forums you can look on one of the many outsourcers websites available. and are two great places to look.

Don’t always look for the lowest priced provider. Often times the extra money you spend on quality articles will more than pay for itself in results.

Launching a successful website requires having high quality content. You can either write this content yourself or outsource it. Make sure each article is at least 400 words in length, has an attention-catching title and is rich in keywords.

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