Easy, Automated Comment Backlinks with Comment Kahuna

by Baba

Want to get tons of do-follow backlinks for free? Comment Kahuna is 100% free automated software that can help you do this. Using this software, you can get as many as 20 backlinks a week from relevant, related high-PR do-follow links back to your website. How does it work? Read on.

Automatically Finding Do-Follow Blogs

Many blogs today have “no follow” tags that block rank-boosting link juice from passing from their site to yours. Even if you posted on 100 no follow sites, you probably won’t find much of a boost in ranking.

That’s why it’s crucial to find only do-follow blogs. Comment Kahuna will do this for you.

All you need to do is enter a keyword or industry. Comment Kahuna will go and find you dozens if not hundreds of do-follow blogs in that industry.

Posting Comments

Once you’ve found these blogs, you then have a choice.

You can either write one post for all these blogs, in which case you’d be posting rather generic but still industry related comments, or you can post unique comments on each of these blogs.

The benefit of posting generic comments is that it’s easier and saves time. If you’re posting comments to hundreds of blogs, it probably works better to post many generic comments rather than writing them by hand.

On the other hand, if you write your comments by hand you have a much higher chance of having your comments approved. Most blogs today aren’t auto-approve. In order for your comment to actually show up, you need to have it approved by the blog owner. If you write it by hand, you’ll probably be able to write a comment that’ll get approved.

Tips for Writing Comments

If you’re writing each comment by hand, start out your comment by replying to something that was said in the post. Perhaps make a specific compliment or ask a specific question.

If the blog owner gets the sense that you’ve actually read what he or she is writing and you’re participating in a real discussion, you’ll probably have your comment approved.

If you’re writing rather generic comments, try to make them as useful as possible. Make it as industry specific as possible, so that blog owners will still find your comment useful or informative.

Avoid one line comments like “I liked this post.” Many blogs get so much spam now that such messages are automatically ignored.

Using free software like Comment Kahuna to do comment backlinking can really help you boost your rankings. Make sure you’re getting links from relevant websites and either takes on a mass-comment approach or a more hands on approach. Both of them work, depending on your own style and how you run your website.

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