Article Marketing Explained: Resource Boxes, Directories and Spinning Demystified

by Baba

Want to get instant traffic with no list, no existing rankings and no paid traffic? Article marketing is the answer. With article marketing, you take advantage of the existing traffic and reputation that article directories have to instantly drive traffic to your website. Once you understand how it works, the process becomes both extremely easy and extremely effective.

Article Spinning: What is It, How it Works

One of the most effective ways to get a ton of backlinks with article marketing is to do it through article spinning.

Spinning refers to the practice of using software to create dozens, sometimes hundreds of different versions of one article. You do this by programming synonyms for words and alternative sentences and/or paragraphs. The software will then randomly choose which sentences and paragraphs are displayed.

After many words, sentences and paragraphs are randomized, in the end you’ll have a whole bunch of articles that look nothing like one another. When submitted to directories, the search engines will see them as different articles and credit you for the dozens or hundreds of links.

One of the best article spinners is

Using Article Directories

Article directories are websites that specialize in getting tons and tons of articles to their site, in exchange for placing a link in the resource box.

Three of the largest article directories are EzineArticles, GoArticles and ArticleBase. These have to be submitted by hand, not by software.

For the hundreds of other article directories, you can just use automated software to do the job. Article Submission Helper ( is a popular choice.

When submitting to article directories, aim for keywords with very low competition and moderate traffic. Though directories do have credibility built in, they won’t usually be able to rank in extremely high competition keywords.

Writing a Resource Box that Gets Clicks

The resource box is the section at the bottom of the article where you put your link. To actually get someone to click on your link, you need to give them a good reason to click on the link.

Make sure your resource box conveys three things:

  1. The main benefit they’ll get by visiting your site.
  2. Some sort of offer, preferably one that creates a sense of urgency.
  3. Why you’re credible and why they should believe you can deliver on the promise in #1.

If your resource box has these 3 things, you have a good chance of getting clicks if your article ranks well.

Using Article Marketing Effectively

The most important thing to realize with article marketing is that you need to do quite a bit of it to succeed. People who try and write just one or two articles are usually disappointed. The most successful article marketers usually write dozens, often hundreds of articles to generate significant traffic.

In short, target low competition keywords with moderate volume, spin your articles to get more backlinks and write a killer resource box. This formula has been proven time and time again as a highly effective method to drive traffic without spending a dime.

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