Concept of SEO in Nepal and its Development

by Baba

Search engine optimization is discussed much in Nepal but there are very few people who really work on it. Many people are building websites day by day here but due to lack of proper knowledge in seo there websites are unseen to the world and limited only to their friends. This is also not bad point but what i meant is it would be better if the website could be seen to many worldwide.

People don’t know about seo in Nepal ?

It is not like that. There are few poeple who really know good about seo and there is another group of people who are interested in seo and are searching information about seo. These people are actually doing great but the maximum number of people here don’t ever think on seo which is main problem. They just build websites and tell their friends about it. Thats all .. .end .. So, what i think is people here really don;t have good seo knowledge. SEO is far .. people even are not good familiar with websites. They only know porn websites, facebook, hi5 etc. 🙂

SEO school in Nepal

This was in my mind since long when i wanted to learn seo myself and was unable to learn. I had to request seo experts from other countries to give me information but never got reply. So, i had to read books, search online and do hard work. If there was seo school here and i would have learned seo easily than i did. So, i am planning to start seo school here if not me, then will surely request someone to do so and i will be helping for sure. 🙂

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