Johnnie Walker Black lable Scotch

by Baba

Guys, i am not a drunkard but whenever i drink ( generally twice a month) i drink Johnnie Walker black lable. I used to drink Johnnie Walker red lable a year ago but now i have shifted to Johnnie Walker Black Lable and it gives me full satisfaction. It cost me almost three times more than the normal drink but i prefer Johnnie Walker Black Lable and the reason is its smoothness and cool taste.

Drinking whiskey is not normal thing. Its not that easy like we think. Whiskey is best for health but the main problem on it is we cannot control. Lets say, if we drink 90 ML then we want more 90 ML and after than again 90 ML more. This is the main problem while drinking.
in my case, i never drink more than 180 ML. And i am normal after that. Most of my friend feel lazy and sleep after drinking but me, i am normal i do normal work after drinking. In my life, i have been unconscious two times. One time when i drank 420 ML of whiskey and the next was when i drank 3.8 lTR of beer. i had vomited both time and everything was clear. i was even ill for about 5 days after that. i also realized that much drinking is too bad and have never drank more after that.

Its fact that we all drink. ( Most of us) and we should always try be in control. Loosing control can be too bad for our whole life. Once drinking much can affect for lifetime so we have to be always careful. in my opinion drinking more than 210 ML is not good. So try to be limited with 210 ML of whiskey or equivalent amount of beer.

Cheers Guys 1 Enjoy and profit !!!!!

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