Will google penalize you if you are spamming blog comments ?

by Baba

This is big question today and most of are wondering what Google exactly does. The main factor affecting here is age of your domain and its trust on google.com. Lets say, if porn sites link to digg.com then digg will never be penalized.It is already trusted domain and its old domain name.

If you have a new site and start building backlinks quickly and most of them are spam comments then you will surely be penalized from google. So, for a new site always be careful while building links. Only do good link building. If you are doing blog comments then always do manual comments and never comment on pages that are auto approved. Auto approved means anyone can post there and it won’t be cared. Today you may see the page clean and do comments but after a month there may be many Viagra and Pharmacy links including adults.

What if my enemy runs automatic blog spamming software to penalize me ?

Many of webmasters are always worried about this. You can stop links from trackback in some cases. But the best way would be to inform google about the issue and they will surely help you. But generally, people are not going to do with your blog. And , for your competitors to know about your site it will surely take time. They will not notice it unless you are popular than them. After you are one the popular site then there is no chance of being penalized. Also, competitors will be trying to find the reason why your site is more popular than their rather than trying to get spam links to your site.

How to be trusted domain ?

There are many factors affecting trusted domain. But the main points are :

1. Visitors Spend much time on your site.
2. Your site is not blocked on site like : digg.com
3. You have backlinks from trusted sites. No matter if you have links comming back from spam sites, if you have backlinks from trusted domain then spam
backlinks won’t affect much.
4. Good hosting with low downtime error. Hosting will affect much, so be careful always.
5. Dropped domain name and its background. If you buy some dropped some that was bad site according to google then also it will take much time for you
to be a trusted domain though you have everything else good. Simply go to Internet Archive and then check the
history of the domain before buying it.

There are many other factors affecting but these are main that i have in mind currently. You can add your opinion on comment box and it will be published here. I have found that one of my client’s site was de-indexed from google when it was buried at digg.com.

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