Indian idol 5 5th July with Hema Malini

by Baba

Last updated on July 7th, 2010 at 06:48 pm

Hello Folks,

Today, there will be no eliminations. rather there will be amazing entertainment coz Dream Girl Hema Malini is on the stage and the contestant folks sang pretty well !! The 1900s songs of Hemal Malini were sang mostly by Rafi, Kishore and the new generation tried to catch up ! LOL LOL LOL

Folks, may be you are wondering what would be comments on Nausad Ali Kawa ! Never worry just watch it out

So the Judges were happy enough. The Nausad Ali Kawa FTW ! FTW ! I think you guys would love to watch Shivam Pathak singing

LOL LOL folks, The Jerry Mouse rocked !

What do you think about the pussycat Bhumi Trivedi ? She is not singing well ? Decreasing ? Or other’s are improving much ? FOlKS !

So, whats up folks ? May be you are enjoying the Indian Idol 5 episode and also thinking about my this post. I am posting all the bullshit and meaningless sentences here ! WTF me !

FTW the Rakesh Lovers FTW FTW ! Ya

WTF Tia’s singing .. Her childish voice is lovely but in case of singing its of poor quality !! Pussycat Folks, may be you don wanna miss last part.

Bhoomi, Nausad and Swaroop in Bottom three next week. ???

Good Bye !

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Ashok gupta July 21, 2010 at 1:03 am

hi rakesh how r u i’m very sad yesterday beacuse you are eliminet but now i’m happy beacuse the power of use judez to you so keep it of luck -nepal


Indian Idol fan August 13, 2010 at 1:56 am

indian idol5 now bcomin political show,wats the fuck these ppl doin by giving chance for rakesh to sing 2songs while other two got only one chance….very true poltics..wat say??

Sreeram must b the Indian idol..Rakesh is a pun !!

Sriram rocks…awesome singing….. and RAkesh totally sucks…singing the same old stuff …..dude if u got balls try something different …..dont say MUMMY DADDY STUFFF ON TV……

Vote for SREERAM to 52525 He is the only contestant who sang perfectly in all auditions While Bhoomi has made many mistakes and Rakesh sings only romantic songs,old stuff well when compare to Sreeram. Sreeram has various vote for sreeram.


rajkumarshah August 19, 2010 at 1:23 am

shriyal meri jan tum kisi aur ki ho gyi hume koi gum nhi kam se kam bata to diya hota .mai aj tumhare intzar me apni palke bicchaye tumhari rah dekh rha hu ki kabhi to kahi to kisi mod par milogi .. rajjjjjjjj


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