How Search Engines Value Backlinks

by Baba

Last updated on December 5th, 2011 at 01:17 am

Incoming Links from other URLs are known as backlinks. However, the number of backlinks isn’t the factor that affect ranking. Its quality of backlinks. Google says that backlinks are one of the 200+ factors that affect ranking but it is also true that backlinks have more than 70% role on getting a website ranked top ! People are confused on what is actually meant by quality backlinks and why a website with very less amount of backlinks is ranked higher than the website with 10x times more backlinks. The answer is simple, the site ranked higher has higher quality backlinks. So lets talk on how search engines evaluate backlinks.

InContent Links have much more value than links on sidebar > footer

Yes, if you can get incontent link then its the best way to boost your ranking. Just give a quality content to high authority website with a link in it ! It is counted as high quality backlink. So, guest blogging is very very popular these days. Article Marketing was over-spammed but the backlinks count !

Backlinks from High Authority and Trusted Pages are valued more ! Even from low quality or poor pages

Yes, its true ! Its best to get a backlink from (A  in-content link). If it is not possible then just getting a backlink from any forum inside the domain is also valued high ! Thus, profile backlinks are popular ! However, spamming all the forums with software doesn’t worth guys !

Backlinks from Unique Domains are more valuable !

Getting 1000 backlinks from the same domain is not valuable as getting 10 backlinks from different domains. Assuming the quality/authority of domains same ! So, just try to get backlinks from different domains.

Backlinks from Spammy Pages can harm !

Well, many people say its not true ! Backlinks can never harm because if it used to harm then competitors would use to harm their enemies ! No, it harms. But if you have a backlink from one authority website then 100s of spammy backlinks won’t be counted much ! That means, if you have many spammy backlinks and no or very few good backlinks then your website will be penalized !

Of course, no webmaster wants his website to see with full of spammy links ! But the comment spam syatem is very popular these days. It is hard to stop ! However, sites that approve comment manually are great resources to get backlinks. Leave a valuable comment and they will allow you a backlink !

Anchor Text in Backlink has high value !

Its simple and we all know that a backlink with Anchor Text in it is much more valuable than the one with no anchor text ! Here, HTML anchor text is again more valued than other coding. Like wiki pages have different system tho they allow anchor text ! Which is not counted more valuable !

Links in first para or first sentence is counted more valuable !

Ahh !! What if Ezinearticles allowed a do-follow link in first paragraph ? It would be counted more valuable ! Search engines are really getting smarter and such factors affect ranking ! They always say use high quality content in your website to get ranked well !

Well Guys, These were few factors that search engines use to evaluate the quality of backlinks. If you are looking to buy backlinks then simply go to :

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Faisal July 9, 2010 at 1:00 am

Well Baba I really appreciate you for this awesome and informative post, before reading this post I have misconception that links from spammy pages are not harmful for our site but your this post clear my misconception.


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