The Debate on Colon Cleansing

by Baba

Ever since the occurrence of colorectal cancer in the United States made a serious impression, more and more people talk about colon cleansing. The idea is simple enough to understand and the process goes around the thought of intentionally ridding the colon of elements that are hypothesized to be harmful. However, even if the idea is straightforward, debates between believers and skeptics are never ending. People, experts and common alike, have different views regarding the effectiveness of colon cleansing, the validity of it benefits, and even whether or not it is necessary to do it. Nevertheless, perhaps due to the advent of marketing media, there has been a steady rise of people who go in to medical establishments for colon cleansing procedures.

People who believe in the benefits of colon cleanse usually argue that there is nothing wrong with being clean. In fact, colon cleansing does not necessarily mean a trip to a hospital. There are lots of natural methods to cleanse one’s large intestines. Food high in fiber and those with laxative properties are common ways to eliminate toxins. Colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy that makes use of instruments inserted in the rectum is also a way of excreting such bad elements.

Those who shake their heads in the idea of colon cleansing argue that the body ahs its natural way of eliminating toxins and solid wastes without the help of unnatural methods. According to some, colon cleansing procedures can even disrupt the balance inside our body. Cases of dehydration, laxative-dependent defecation, and internal abrasions are possible especially if the procedure is done improperly.

At the end of the day, whether you’re in to colon cleansing or not, the important thing to remember is to avoid things that are proven to be harmful to your colon. A healthy lifestyle is still the best preventive measure against colon problems.

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