I’m Afraid, Guest Blogging is Moving Towards Article Marketing

by Baba

A folk told me with very happy expressions in his face ” Baba, i am finding guest blogging better than Article Marketing. It is giving me high quality backlinks from authority sites and also  traffic.  My SERP has boosted and now i am ranked NO.1 in google. I have canceled my subscriptions to all SEO Services and Backlinks Packets. ” first i thought he may be crazy or a fool. But after a while, when i really started to think on what the guy said, i was puzzled myself. It made me believe that guy was correct ! I was unable to sleep well that night because guest blogging was actually taking the way of article marketing.

Guest Blogging in My Opinion

I was defining Guest Blogging as a good medium  for a new blogger or writer/copywriter to get exposed . Nothing else than this. By seeing the guest article people could judge the new blogger if he/she is ready to start a blog and if not they would give suggestions through comments. The guest blogger’s blog also would get a chance to be reviewed by decent quality blog readers. However, this is rarely happening these days.

Current Guest Blogging Definition

In short, Link Building Champagne ! i.e Getting backlinks. Besides, review of products tool. I am not finding any difference between Ezine Marketing and Guest Blogging.

Well, think about yourself. Have you done guest blogging ? Why are you doing ? and what is the difference you find between guest blogging and Ezine Article Marketing ? Most of us guest blogging mainly to get backlinks from authority site. We will definitely be using the Anchor Text inside body of article or in bio section to get a good boost in SERP.

You will surely say, SO WHAT ? We are getting good backlinks, our SERP is increasing, its good thing.  I would say – Of course its good, but it is not guest blogging. Call it whatever else.


For blog owners, getting a blog post is always good thing. They will get unique content, they need not write content. (As most of the blogger’s get lazier as their blog starts getting reputation) and many more. Guest blogging is beneficial to both parties and their is nothing to worry. My only worry is on the following points :

1. A blog may turn to Article Directory Slowly (Even without knowing of the blog owner)

2. SEO Companies and Consultant will start doing guest campaign resulting more than 50% blogs only platform to build links.They will offer blog owners good sum of money for their article being published. This will surely low down the quality of blogs. What i have seen is when money start rolling they start working less and less .

I would like to hear more from you blogger’s. I am a SEO Consultant and NOT a good Blogger. I am submiting this article to blogengage just to know the view of bloggers regarding Guest Blogging.

Ahh ! Sorry for the bad english.

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Kiesha @ We Blog Better April 27, 2010 at 9:31 pm

Hi Baba,
While of course, I’m also concerned that people are turning guest posting into a zoo – I have to be honest, I got the biggest breaks because of guest posts and networking with other bloggers.
If it wasn’t for a guest post, I wouldn’t currently own WeBlogBetter.com. I wrote a guest post for the owner, and he asked if I’d like to take over the blog, the very next day. On another occasion, I wrote a guest post for another blog and entered a contest, a few weeks later, I was asked to join the team of 7 incredible writers.
Guest posting has improved my writing and blogging far better than SEO or Social media combined.


Tia - BizChickBlogs.com April 30, 2010 at 12:25 am

Interesting viewpoint. Guest posting hasn’t always been as popular as it is now; the blog world is evolving. Only time will tell what becomes of it.


Spyros May 2, 2010 at 9:03 pm

I think that guest blogging is more valuable than article marketing. The main reason behind that is that when you guest post, you aim for people in your niche alone. Article marketing is about various topics and is not well targeted. If i am given the chance to guest blog to a respectable blog, i prefer it much more than creating a post for an articles directory.


Faisal May 7, 2010 at 8:47 am

After reading this post as well as comments , I think its time to concentrate on blog posting but I am very exciting and I don’t know where to start? Baba, will you kindly help me?


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