Open Invitation to Bloggers for Guest BlogPost

by Baba

After my last post about guest blogging i have come up with a conclusion that bloggers are really interested to have a guest blogpost in their blog. Thus, i am inviting all bloggers to join the guest bloggers group.

What i will provide ?

I am SEO Expert and SEO Consultant and will always keep in mind that i will never violate any terms that is against google.

– I will provide a unique post

– I will provide a post that is related to your blog or that will fit in your blog

– I will always target readers rather than search engines. (Means you bloggers will get a post which will be loved by your readers

What i expect from bloggers ?

Well, i had said that guest blogging is taking the path of link building and article marketing and most of the blogger said that guest blogging was never popular as now and we don’t know what will happen in future. So, it is clear that bloggers are always in seek of quality content and they are ready to provide few relevant links and bio of author if they get content as they have desired.So, i expect at least 1 in context  link and one author bio links which can be maximum of 2/2 = 4 links. I will always take care about relevancy and SEO while giving you the post and links.

Why i am writing this post ?

Ahh .. there are 1000s of bloggers who are seeking for blogpost but i am posting this article targeting for quality bloggers and posting this to Blogengage community because i now believe that most of the quality bloggers are part of the blogengage community.  Being a SEO expert, i always will have to handle various SEO project. (Mind that i always take quality website’s project) and guest blogging will be really a helpful method to me.

I have a team of copywriters who have been writing quality article in various niches. Also, these writers are able to impress readers. So i would like to invite all bloggers to join me.Just click here : Contact baba and send me your website and contact details. I will get you soon. Please write about blog and what you want to be in guest blogpost and what you don’t want.

Looking forward to have good relation with you cool bloggers !


Baba Pandey

Ass ..Sorry for bad English  🙂

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