Online Data Backup in all Forms – No more Data Loss !

by Baba

Have a look to this short video which illustrates how data protection has changed over the past few years !

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There are two things that have changed a lot in the industry in the past few years, competition among companies with a strong focus on backup and business continuity and increased regulation over the way data and information are managed by firms. These are two important factors that companies are paying a lot of attention to. If you have data and it is very important, you need to make a backup for it. You will also need to be intuitive and creative about it, in the way you can retrieve the data comfortably. This is where firms like storage pipe provide help by coming up with innovative solutions for online backup software.

Online backup software helps to continuously and consistently take mirror reflections of existing data and stash it away so it can be recovered if need be. The other advantage of online backup software is the way it provides a shot in the arm for business continuity plans. With growing concerns on physical and cyber security, many firms are investing in having backup offices they can fall upon in a crisis. When you have data images at various points of time, the business can continue irrespective of some harmful events elsewhere by pulling out the data from the images.

Online solutions provided by storage pipe ensure that data can be recovered very quickly and accurately when there is an incident of data loss or corruption which is very much possible given the volumes of information that gets added to companies’ databases everyday and how much of it needs to be accessed constantly. These data recovery solutions provide great visibility more than anything else, so one knows what data from what time is being used to recover, and exactly what the impact of the loss is. In older days, the best companies could think of was backup tapes, and it needed database administrators to literally load backup data which was stale from these tapes, resulting in shut down of businesses for days on a stretch.

Another important aspect of business is the amount of email communication that happens within a firm and between the firms and third parties. Storage pipe also provides some interesting solutions for email archiving and ediscovery. Since a lot of decisions are made and permitted on emails, regulators are very strict about firms storing the emails for future reference and records. In case of pharmaceutical, brokerage and other such fields where data is sensitive and confidential, and decisions and signs of internal data breach need to be tracked if need be, email archiving is an extremely important function.

Come to look at it, there is an entirely tangential aspect to data recovery, backup and email archiving too. This is the interface that allows business users to access data that has been archived. Allowing users to view this data by pulling it out from properly arranged data based on time and internal hierarchies is the need of the hour and a good storage, recovery and archiving solution will have a good interface too.

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