Anu Malik Vs Salim Merchant in Indian Idol 5 12 July

by Baba

Hello Guys,

Again, today i couldn’t stop myself from posting another Indian Idol 5 article when there was fight between two legends Anu Malik and Salim Merchant ! Both are mind blowing Music Directors and also singers … eeee, Anu Malik and Singer ? Yes yes ! He sings. Anu Malik is known as a versatile and very original music director ! Whereas Salim Merchant is liked by youths ! He sings good. Actually, they are Salim-Sulieman  !

As you all know Indian Idol now has Top 6 contestants after Nausad Ali Kawa is eliminated last week. Kawa was eliminated after wining performer of the week.  Tia Kar was expected to be eliminated but she was lucky.

Lets watch Anu Malik Vs Salim Merchant

Sree Ram is becoming the legend ! Shivam pathak and Rakesh are following as always ! So the Salim has Sree Ram, Swaroop and Tia. Anu malik, the tiger has Shivam, Rakesh and Bhoomi ! The competition is going cool.

I am sure one from Salim group will be eliminated next week. It will be either Tia or Swaroop ! I really doubt for Swaroop Khan. Possibily Swaroop will be no more in the show. From the Anu malik team the only suspected is Bhoomi but i don’t think she will get eliminated. The other two guys will be re-called in the show by using the power in case they are eliminated.

Guys, what do you think ? I would be glad to know your opinion on who will get eliminated tomorrow !

Oh My God, Sunidhi Chauhan is Damn Good Singer ! Her High Nodes are un-comparable ! For rocking songs she is the best ! However, Shreya Ghosal is better singer than her overall 🙂 Anu Malik Vs Salim – the last round with Swaroop Khan and Rakesh

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