Google Shut Downs in China – Only baidu will rule now ?

by Baba

Goggle has officially announced that it will no longer provide service in China because there was uncontrolled hacking activities and also illegal activities running. Recently, China had restricted in registering public domain names from china. It was also being strict in restricting porn sites. However it couldn’t control the hacking activities.

Is it good for baidu ?

After google closed its service in china, its share market is already down by nearly 1.5% which is great loss. Also it is highly expected that that it will help to grow baidu. baidu is currently ranked No.1 site in china according to Alexa followed by but now it will be as king of search engines in china.

Google did wise decision ?

The step of google is surely dedicated to stop hacking and we should really appreciate it. However it is going to harm much in the business. Yahoo and MSN will have chance now to grow there market in china which will make google more tough.

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desbest January 14, 2010 at 7:20 am
desbest January 15, 2010 at 9:54 pm

Did you know that Yahoo Corporation was a dickhead by selling Yahoo to a chinese company called AliBaba. A company which jails human rights activists unlike Google by sending email habits to the chinese government.

Also, Google got 16% market share and they don’t need the money. They’re rich enough. China only provided them with 1%. It is no great loss.

Also, China blocks websites which rival with chinese websites.

Baidu rules because it complies with the government rules. The search results on Baidu and are censored. Try searching amnesty international or free tibet on it.


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