Are you planning to make money from twitter ?


Last updated on April 4th, 2024 at 12:54 am

Some Facts about Twitter

Twitter, a micro blogging site which has now become the biggest social media sites. The alexa ranking of twitter is below 15 WOW means huge traffic !
There are twitter users who earn $10000 per day just by twitting only. And the number of twitter spammers is growing day by day. Many celebrities, politicians are using twitter and have got huge followers. Britney Spears is one with huge followers and also Barack Obama. However they don’t earn money tweeting LOL

How can i earn money using twitter ?

Its all about traffic my friends. Popular advertisement PPC is best way to earn from twitter because people who click the links on tweets will be users who are really interested in the tweet. There are many ad networks who pay per tweet or per click. They generally pay $0.1 per click. Just imagine you have 50k followers and get clicks from all ? Just forget this by thinking a bad dream because the CTR ratio of twitter is hardly 1% 🙂 However, even 1% of your followers click the ads then also you can make good money. You may be lucky sometimes if you get cost per tweet advertisements. You need to have good account in order to get such tweets.

So i can make followers and then keep posting ads and money will flow in my bank ?

Don’t even think about it. Nightmare ! If you keep of posting only ads then people will start blocking you and you may loose your hardly promoted twitter account. All your hard work will be of no use. Keep posting good tweets, about your life and what people like. Also keep interacting with people who are willing to be in touch with you. It is all about social networking so you are the one to keep relationship with your followers. Posting ads should be rarely done and ads that have some good information, good products should be posted.

I get too many spam tweets. I cannot find good tweets among

Yes, you can never find good tweets when you have made up your mind to earn from twitter. However there is system of @you which will easily allow to find tweets mentioned for you. The twitter direct message box is another method but it also can be full of spams.

So guys, do not SPAM twitter. Lets protect twitter and use it wisely to promote your business, product. Keep updated with the rules and follow them. Try to be smart ! Else day will come when twitter will start banning accounts and we all may be victim of it.

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