WordPress easy contact form – Is not Good option !


Last updated on April 5th, 2024 at 09:34 am

I tried WordPress PlugIn called easy contact form and it was working fine with me for about a month. One day suddenly i experienced my blog was very very slow while opening. I also saw very less flow of traffic suddenly. I was really wondered. I deactivated all newly installed plugins but the problem didn’t solved. It was not that my blog was not opening at all. I waited few days. One day i saw php function error in each pages of my blog and also admin dashborad. Then i had to check all plugins.

Firstly i deactivated all plugins in bulk then the error message was no more. Now i had to check all plugins one by one , which i preformed just now. It took me about half an hour and finally i found that it wad due to easy contact plugin. I deleted all files belonging to it and then blog was fast as normal as before. I was really worried with the issue. Currently, i have installed Contact Form 7 plugin and i hope it will go really cool. But i am still not sure that everything is fine here.

Happy blogging and please inform me if you see any problem here.

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