The most unusual cars ever built

by Baba

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Despite being a Mitsubishi fanatic, I was one of those people who really fancied the new design Honda Civic when it came out; a road car with triangular exhausts, a Cylon front end, odd door handles and a spoiler in the wrong place. You’d never lose that in a car park. Trouble was that no sooner had it came out it became one of the most popular cars that year and one of the most common sights you’d see.  A vehicle I thought would only appeal to a handful of people was now a regular feature on the roads and the main reason I decided against buying one.

But apart from the ease of finding it in the car park, why on earth would an odd looking car appeal to me? Perhaps it’s something to do with my individuality and sociological need to still be part of a tribe; an unusual road car is a rare sight and if you ever see another guy driving one too, you both share a wave and a smile.

The new unusual vehicles club that I would like to belong to has to include an electric vehicle. With their current (no pun intended) high price these will be exclusive for some time to come. I am also a recent convert to the smaller city car; nippy, easy to park and cheap both on road tax, insurance and the ever escalating price of fuel. And naturally a big plus is the reduced environmental impact your car will have. Could my next car be the new Evo X front end inspired Colt? But these are nowhere near as unusual as some of the following automobiles.

Jeep Highrider Sport (modified)

Well, this would certainly get you noticed! An amazing mod and surely one of a kind. Handy if you’re trying to see what’s causing a traffic jam up ahead or if you’re at the back of the audience at an outdoor cinema.


GP Race Car Limo

We have all seen some crazy limos in our time, but I never thought I’d see a GP racer one.


Train Carriage Truck

Car shortage? Still need some transport? Then why not nip down to your local Indian locomotive carriage scrap yard and build yourself one of these beauties!



Well this is just farcical. Nice legs mind.


Alaskan Land Train

Ah, a bit of history. Back in the 1950’s the US Army needed a vehicle that could transport supplies to its troops but without using roads. Some kind of an off-road, multi-purpose, heavy duty vehicle was called for and thus the Alaskan Land train was born. Manned by six crew and powered by an internal hybrid electric and gas turbine plant this vehicle could transport a payload of more than 150 tonnes. Its versatility was a crowning achievement of simplicity: simply by adding or removing different units to be towed resulted in an excellent multi-purpose transporter. Unfortunately we don’t see these today as they lost out to the manufacture of ever more manoeuvrable heavy lifting helicopters.


Yelling Car

Now, what was I saying about wanting to easily find my car in the car park?


Snail Car

Well you just have to credit the Americans this time. What a brilliant looking car. Not sure if my kids would like to dropped off at school in it though.


Art Car Parade car

You’re a star! Don’t cringe – I want to polish my lame joke skills so I can get on daytime TV!


Fan Boat Car

Combining a very small runaround and the fan from an Everglades swamp boat this guy has it made. Look how he waves at the camera. Or is it a cry for help?


Boat Car

Sticking with a boaty theme, this car looks like it’s been the unfortunate result of a Star Trek transporter malfunction.


Pink Panther Car

Out of all the cars to come from cartoon series, this has to be the most astonishingly colourful replica.


Largest Jeep

Cue Jeremy Clarkson voice: ‘in the World’.
Some people have more money than sense. Well it’s one point of view, but another is, why not make something spectacular with it? Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates famously got the weird-car badge of honour when he bought seven top-of-the-range Mercedes 500SELs and proceeded to give each a different custom paint job for each colour of the rainbow.


VW Conversion Phoenix Car

Take a VW van, strip it down and then order the inappropriately-named Phoenix conversion plan. This comprises instructions which require you to get some fibreglass, urethane panels to construct this lightweight, gull-winged camper vehicle. Like any good caravan it has standing room for a 6 foot tall adult.


And finally… if you do decide to mod your car, make sure you inform your insurance company if you decide to change its use!

Extreme Body Mod

Yep, no insurance company will believe you if you say you bought it like this.



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Frank November 18, 2016 at 10:05 am

Can i rent one of these vehicles for an event or maybe buy one for very cheap?


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