Is Fahmi Slail Scammer or Legit ? Lets flash out the truth.

by Baba

Last updated on January 8th, 2010 at 04:20 am

This is open discussion. Is Fahmi Slail Legit ?

As you all know Internet is good source of income as well as a good platform to outsource your work in affordable price. However, it is also very true that there are 1000s of scammers here who will take your money and give you nothing. You should always be beware of such companies, people. It is really hard to determine who is not scammer but looking for the reviews by searching in google would be best way. Search for the company and person working there in google and find out about their past history. The best way would be to take reference from friends who have already done similar work.

Today, when i searched Digital Point forum i found one story that was real and the friend was cheated by a person named Fahmi Slail. I trusted the statements that he gave in forum and also looked at the email history which he provided in is blog. See here :
The email history are enough to explain all and he would have never bothered to post that if he was not really scammed. 🙂 It is now not time to feel sad for him but time to be aware and be careful when you are hiring any person/company for your work. I myself is a online worker and have tried best to satisfy all of clients which is never possible actually. In DP, once i was ill and was unable to complete a job in time due to which i got 2 negative reviews. It was actually given by same person.. Anyways, i gave him project and got negative review + paypal balance blocked. Actually i lost much. This means you won;t be able to satisfy everyone while working.

Well, the main point here is of being aware. I have posted this post here in order to support you all for not being scammed again by someone. Whenever there is case of big money like 1000s dollars you will have to try to find some company near your area. Like if you are in INDIA find real office in INDIA whom you can meet and talk there. Make legal agreements and then proceed. I will never suggest you to outsource the work to unknown company or the company/person abroad when there is matter of big money (If possible). If not possible then see the review, consult with many people and then make agreement before proceeding. In case of small amounts if you have good reputation then you can pay after the job completion. Worker also will trust you since you have good reputation. Problem arises only if you are new and have no reputation because worker also may be afraid of being scammed. In such case you have to hire reputed worker and pay upfront. In this way there will be less chance of being scammed for both parties.
But i really wonder how people can scam, take money and run away .. WTF will they get by that small money ? They think that we can cheat anyone online but what i think is working online is even more hard. Today, Fahmi Slail cheated $1200 and lost millions because do you think anyone would take his services after reading all these ? Even if he pays off $2400 now his reputation won’t be back. So, understand this point and never cheat anyone if you wanna progress. Guys, lets make a community and then move together. Lets work together and profit together. 🙂

Note: I am user of DP and saw post there about being cheated so i posted here too. I am not clear about the matter and want to be clear and make other too. If Fahmi Slail is legit then also discussion here should prove it. Please post your reviews here and make everything clear.
Comments are must here. LOL

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jay January 8, 2010 at 4:00 am

this is a load of crap! whoever you are, this sounds like you are the one who got ripped off ( if you are telling the truth ). I am a web designer and your post here got me so intigued, that I emailed this guy for his side of the story. Sorry dud, you sound lke an idiot, because he showed me that he did the work you requested , then you refused to pay the balance! Wrong ! We work hard to design and code site and we should be paid for it. This dude Fahmi Slail or whatever his name is, has a legitimate operation, employees and after showing me links to the site you hired him to do, I think you’re a piece of turkey shit for lying to us all. I think you should be locked up!


Baba January 8, 2010 at 4:05 am

Hi Jay, Nice to hear from you. This is a open discussion. The discussion is also in DigitalPoint Forum where client has clearly said he has been cheated. If he is wrong then he should be kicked out. However, if you are wrong it is our duty to flash out. Hope you are telling the truth. What about the email history that the client has published in his blog ?URL is above in the post.

There is nothing personal issue with you guys. But the point should be clear to everyone. Make it clear please.


Vikas January 8, 2010 at 7:17 am

@ Jay >> You a*s hole Fahmi Slail.. stop pretending.. Even Beaverton Police Department knows what shit you are doing with your clients.. and now will you say even the Police Department is SHIT? Grow up dude! Rather spending your time in contacting the site owners to remove the truth about you, better refund my $1200. I don’t earn money my scamming people like you..

@ Baba Pandey

You know what baba..? This guy is no one but the the same guy who cheated me.. he is portraying himself as Jay.. do you think some random guy would go ahead and contact the scammer to ask what actually happened? too hard to believe right? I have published about this ass hole on many websites and he is been contacting all the site owners and requesting them to take off the content! Now, guess what.. this will not end!

About the proof you asked for..

Call Consumer protection agency 1-877-877-9392 in Beverton, OREGON, USA and ask about Fahmi Slail (Precision Money). They will give you the proof.

Beaverton Police Department number: 503-526-2261, Records Department
Speak to Officer Sery, Officer Sery Suggested me to complain to the BBB

Call Better Business Bureau in USA, they will give you proof. (case# 22226544)

Call Federal Trade Commission (FTC) USA on 1-877-382-4357(My complaint number 25070092). Ask them about Fahmi Slail. They will tell you the story.

Call FBI in USA, they will tell you.

This guy is not aware who he is dealing with. May be I will not get my money back from this a*s hole and jerk who is so bloody shameless that even after cheating he has guts to comment on your blog. But he has no face to comment as “Fahmi Slail”! P*SSY!

Watch out FAHMI SLAIL…


bob January 19, 2010 at 1:47 am

Ok, sounds like you’re pissed dude. I agree with Jay, I say pay the guy his money and get your site. It sounds simple, hey whats your website domain ? If you like, I can design the site for you ? But will you pay me ? I dealt with people like you before and you’re just cheap. PAY THE MAN !! I call all those numbers you posted and they all told me that no such complaints exist !!


Burned January 21, 2010 at 7:05 pm

I, too, have worked for a short time for Mr. Slail and was not pleased. It doesn’t shock me that he would scam clients and his employees. His office is a meatgrinder and he constantly hires under-qualified workers or gives the axe to qualified workers because they can see through his scams. I feel badly for his office admin (if she is even still there) for having to lie for him and put up with his attitude.

In fact, due to morbid curiosity, I looked him up and was floored to find all the bad press about him. Recently, he was in court and was fined thousands of dollars for breach of contract. Here is the proof:

I am sure that this is the story for many people that have worked with him. I should have realized that he was shady when he told me about the myriad of failed businesses he had before Slail Enterprises…HUGE indication of a failed entreprenuer.

I know that Mr. Slail(or someone that works for him) will check back here and flame me. I look forward to it. I have proof of at least one scam, so it is not libel or defamation. People like Mr. Slail will continue to try to do business and they will fail because they assume that people do not care about being lied to. I was stiffed money on my last check due to under-handedness and I was so fed up, I chose not to pursue it. No one should work for this man if they value thier skills and expertise. I am so ashamed to have worked for him that Slail Enterprises isn’t even on my resume. I can only imagine the number of desperate people he has chewed up and spat out recently. I hope they didn’t get too burned.


Joe Lumbroso January 22, 2010 at 5:33 pm

There is no question that Fahmi Slail is a scammer. “Bob” and “Jay” are clearly Fahmi in pathetically light disguise.

Please read my experiences with this obese bastard:

As far as the judgement, I worked on while contracting for Precision Money and witnessed the atrocious acts of dishonesty, racism toward the client and bad business ethics with that contract.



Michael January 29, 2010 at 11:52 pm

good to see people kicking his ass.. I got scammed too.. one of the worst guys Ive ever had any deals with. Kiss my ass Fahmi..


Over_The_Line February 3, 2010 at 8:22 pm

HI guys,

I worked for Fahmi a couple of years back, as his assistant. I too went though the same lies that you heard. Scamming clients at any opportunity and making me do his dirty work. He doesn’t pay his bills or employees; so your hard earned money probably goes to putting food on the table for his family and not to TRUE client work. He lies about timelines fully knowing the work will not be finished on time.

He speaks very negativity about others and numerous times made me feel very uncomfortable. I’m a young, fairly attractive female and he took FULL advantage of this. I experienced many red flags with him and should have contacted authorities at the time. I was young and didn’t know….. He would look at me very seductively and make sleezy comments. BARF! And he had a window in his office directly looking at me- It was very weird for me and not a comfortable work environment.

I left my position after a few months (I think this is the life span @ PrecisionSystems). I have moved on to fantastic opportunities and thank Fahmi for forcing me to leave under these conditions.

Fahmi should not be allowed to operate a business- He is a lair and not a wholesome person (he will say he is and everyone else is not). I went though a lot of emotional turmoil while working for him and these bad memories pop in my head every so often.

Thank you for creating this place for me to tell my story. I hope that he never works again, especially in our town (Portland OR).

I hope this helps- Please don’t work, associate or do business with this man. He can be very hurtful.

Thank you


Ex-employee May 6, 2010 at 1:09 am
Ex-employee May 8, 2010 at 6:50 pm

I worked for Fahmi Slail some years back and only for a few months. I’ve observed as he construct pitiful lies and excuses to clients and employees alike. As soon as I realized the type of business he was running and what a true scumbag he was I immediately started applying for work elsewhere and left his twisted company.

Here’s one example I’ll share. Once I stood witness as he blatantly lied to a client on the phone about why their project was not moving ahead as fast as he promised (it was already a few months late before I even got there). He was basically trying to convince the client that due to the “new changes” they requested (which BTW weren’t changes but a list of site errors that needs to be fixed) it caused these made up technical problems he invents on the fly which makes absolutely no since to any programmer (FAHMI IS NOT A TECH SAVVY GUY).

He basically took advantage of the fact that the client was not knowledgeable in the field of web technology and lingo to try and buy himself extra time and charge extra to the client for that time. He quotes ridiculous amounts of money for what he claims as changes that range from $500 to thousands of dollars. Sometime he charges the ridiculous amount to detour the client from wanting to make the fixes they request so he can save himself the trouble of doing the work or just to cheat them out of their money. This guy obviously has no business ethics whatsoever.

And BTW the real reason the mentioned project wasn’t moving fast was because it wasn’t moving AT ALL! We were only a couple of programmers in a cramped ass room operating with ALL PIRATED SOFTWARE doing a laundry list of backed up projects from the previous programmers who left his ass.

Oh and that reminds me, he claims to have FIRED ALL 6-8 OF HIS LAST PROGRAMMERS. As if anyone will buy that BS! Let’s examine this for a moment… you own a web development company and just decided that all the programmers working for you suck so you fired them all and left yourself backed up with dozens of unfinished websites and basically screwed yourself over… ah… yeah…

Most likely all of his past programmers left because they either found (as I did) that his company is EXTREMELY shady or he screwed them over in some way like he did with “Burned” and “Joe Lumbroso”.

But it seems Mr.Lumbroso gets the last laugh since he ranks #1 in the Fahmi search (kudos to you!) and now leads a net campaign collecting forums and blogs regarding most of Fahmi’s past client and employee victims. Mr.Lumbroso’s SEO far surpasses Fahmi’s crappy site and was able to rise even forums and blogs to rank above Fahmi.

I’ve been entertained by reading these blogs/forums and can see how frantically Fahmi has tried to defend himself but just ends up coming off as an buffoon and actually appear filthier with his lack of integrity. Even in this blog it’s obviously clear that Fahmi is masquerading as “jay” and “bob”. As if an anonymous person would just stumble into this blog and start defending an unknown individual with such rudeness and attacking “Vikas” as if he had issues against the guy. How transparent can you possibly get man? He has been to trying to bring down these sites and/or their posts but has failed miserably.

It’s clear that these sites are costing him dearly so Baba, Mr.Lumbroso, Vikas and to all who’ve contributed in warning and preventing future victims of Fahmi Slail KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! If we can prevent him from gaining new client/victims we’ll eventually run him out of business for good.


Jacob Harris June 9, 2010 at 6:45 pm

I hired Fahmi for two different projects…once bitten, twice shy, I know – I should have learned from the first go-around.

To say Fahmi failed me would imply that he initially had the right intentions. That was not the case.
Fahmi would squeeze me at every opportunity and not deliver. He would promise deadlines and not meet them. He built things that weren’t in spec and then charge me.
Years later I spoke to an ex-programmer who worked on my projects and he told me that Fahmi would also delay timelines to make the piece-meal work look more important so that they could ask for more money.

In the end, not only did Fahmi make off with $10k of money that I was directly responsible to my clients for, his lackey assistant tried intimidating me into signing a document saying that I wouldn’t sue them.

He is a brazen con-man and it amazes me that he continues to do business in Portland at all.

If anyone is pursuing any legal action against him, I am happy to furnish any of the email threads/letters etc. from our exchanges.


Joe Lumbroso June 25, 2010 at 1:06 am

Ex-employee, thanks for coming forward. The more that do, the stronger our case.

Jacob, I witnessed your contracts fall through the crack. I’m sorry that Fahmi’s ill-intent caused your business harm.

I’d like to point out, that since I’ve come out of the proverbial closet and chose to share my experiences relating to Fahmi and Precision Systems (and naturally, p0wn3d the SERPs), several parties have contacted me in an effort to locate Mr. Slail to serve him papers. It turns out, the address he gives to clients is invalid. Regardless, he has been served within the last 60 days.

Here’s to hoping Uncle Sam steps in.


Ex-employee June 30, 2010 at 11:52 am

That good news Mr.Lumbroso. I’ve checked back from time to time on this blog and other forums hoping to hear from someone that Fahmi business caves in due to his own corruption and ill practice. This sounds like he’s another step closer to his own down fall.

I’m also sorry to hear that you got double burned Jacob. Here’s to hoping Fahmi gets what he deserves.

And Mr.Lumbroso please keep us posted if and when Fahmi’s company breaks down. I’ll open a bottle of wine in celebration.


Ex-employee July 1, 2010 at 1:30 am

This message is for Vikas

Apparently your email post at has been taken down.

That’s a shame because I really enjoyed reading that. I shared it with my co-workers and they all got a real kick out of it. Definitely one of the more condemning evidences out there against Fahmi.

PLEASE repost it somewhere and give us the link. I’ll be sure to make a copy of it this time. That way if it gets taken down again I’ll help repost it somewhere for you 😉


Ex-employee July 1, 2010 at 2:04 pm

It’s a shame but it looks like they took down Vikas’ post of email exchanges at

If you’re reading this Vikas can you re-post those emails somewhere and give us the new link? I think that those emails where the most damaging to Fahmi’s reputation and wish they would stay up somewhere for all to read.


Developers Beware September 29, 2010 at 10:24 pm

I’m not surprised this continues today. A few years ago I worked for Fahmi Slail and he actually encouraged us to come up with ways to fake traffic, fake sales, and generally do un-ethical business tactics. After quiting I setup (no longer) and put him as my first target.
I would bet that a majority of the positive posts on here is him personally responding and trying to lead mis-information.
Just don’t do business with Fahmi Slail or solditlive, precision systems, precision money, or the many other names he uses of which only 1 is licensed.


To 'Developers Beware' November 24, 2010 at 1:26 pm

I’m quite sure I worked together there with you for about a month and I totally agree, Fahmi is the most immoral person I’ve ever work for. He is nothing but a detestable scammer who has hurt so many of his clients and employees alike. Yet for some reason he’s still in business. I wish the legal system or someone would just nail this con artist and shut him down for good.


Scammed customer December 16, 2010 at 11:04 pm

I’m glad to see that enough people are coming forward that Fahmi isn’t able to stem the tide of the bad press. This guy is the least honest person I’ve ever dealt with and I was scammed out of $7000 for a website that was literally junk. It was unusable. Don’t EVER do business with this man. He will say anything you want to hear and do nothing but lie to your face.

At one point (after specifying that the website I wanted had to be IE compatible) he told me the website would only work with a Mozilla based system and could not be fixed to work with IE. Who the HELL builds a website that doesn’t work correctly with IE? And then he wanted to charge me more money to “fix” it so it would work with IE.

Hope this guy burns in hell. I worked *really* hard for that $7000 that he took from me.


EX-Employee September 29, 2011 at 9:17 am

Fahmi…plain n simple. This guy is a crook. I worked for him for a short time. He was working with a college professor from Portland State U. He took the guys designed program & tried to sell it as his own. The short time I was employeed with the company we went thru 6 employees. He is very dis-honest in his business. BUYER BEWARE


Joe Lumbroso February 17, 2012 at 9:33 pm

Hi everyone, I just discovered my Fahmi Page was down. I have restored it today with a couple of updates. Enjoy:


Fahmi Slail May 17, 2012 at 7:28 am

I was also an employee of Fahmi’s some years back. I worked my ass off and he only made promises while paying me less than he originally agreed to. During my short stay at Precision Systems, I heard from other employees that Fahmi would take money out of their paychecks and this was a known thing that he did.

There are several clients posting their horror stories all over the internet, about how he scammed them out of their money time and time again. I never met Joe Lumbroso because we worked for Fahmi at different times (our paths never crossed), but I’ve mad respect for you bro for putting up a page and telling it like it is about Fahmi. Know that there are many others who went through the same thing with Mr. Slail. He is a no good liar. You work your ass off and he just cheats you out of your money.


Richard July 23, 2012 at 6:39 pm

He sold me crappy software and ran away, many people are looking for Mr. Fahim Slail.
Do not buy anything from


Lindsey R January 14, 2017 at 11:57 am

Fahmi Slail is still out there SCAMMING EVERYONE IN HIS PATH. Watch out, for he will take your money and run. In 2017, we should finally get to put an end to this and his many shady businesses. Now claiming to be a “top linguist”, Fahmi Slail is at it again, deceiving and conning his way to the bank.


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