Google Pagerank Update January 2011

by Baba

Finally Google has updated its toolbar pagerank after 9 months. Google generally used to update the pagerank in 3 to 4 months interval and the 2010 season had longest interval ever in the history. Many people had started thinking that pagerank will vanish now permanently. This is great news for folks who were eagerly awaiting for the update. Google hadn’t update the toolbar pagerank since April 2010

Why Pagerank Is Important ?

The higher pagerank you see the more happier you will become. It feels like you have gained a short of reputation. But this is not the main factor. Many people sell links for 100s of dollars from high PR pages. But remember, selling links will pass the juice all over to seller’s URLs giving you less juice. Google determines the pagerank according to incoming links a site has and the outgoing links.

How to get high pagerank ?

Quality content is main thing. Provide quality content and get quality backlinks. You can do link building campaign also. 🙂 Getting links from high PR pages will give you higher pagerank. Only backlinks is not the factor. See digitalpointforum and warriorforum. Despite of having tons of backlinks they have pr4 only. 🙂 However, the PR from these sites will be passed all over inner pages.

Hey Guys, What is your PR ?

I see that websites developed before 2010, in 2009 or before are updated. May be newer websites PR update on the way or will be later.

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