Best Link Building Strategies for 2011

by Baba

How to run your Link Building Campaign in 2011 ?

Hello Guys

SEO stuffs are getting tougher than ever before and if you aren’t careful you won’t be able to get good rankings in google. Are you sure your link building Strategies are working good ? Double check please.

Things to avoid

1. Buying Bulk Backlink Packages (1000s of backlinks) never do it !

Never buy any bulk backlinking package that promises to give you 1000s of backlinks. Example : 10k backlinks for $100 only or 6k live blog comments for $100. Buying such links may kick your website out from the google. This kicking depends on various factors like your previous links/authority of domain etc. Lets say such backlinks aren’t going to help you. These are kind of software blasts which doesn’t have any value. Some kind of blasts may help temporary but eventually your ranking will come down.

2. Poor Content

You are promoting a website with poor content ? No no ! Make your website good for humans first then only start promoting. Think twice does your website deserve #1 ranking for the keyword before running link building campaign.

Now, lets come to the point. How to build backlinks.

1. Press Release

#1 Link Building Strategy since SEO started. Press Release still a No.1 way to build quality backlinks. It costs you good bucks but surely worth the price. etc are the best press release distribution sites. Press release works in long term and you should go for it ASAP.

2. Buy Domain with backlinks

Ahhh ! This sounds to be tricky. But it is cool and works great. Buy domains that already have good amount of backlinks. You can see domains for sale @ Digitalpoint Forums, Namepros Forum and many many forums. Just google around. Buy these domains for around 50 bucks and then host them with different hosting providing companies. Give a link back to your website from the domains.

3. Quality Comments in Niche related articles

Search for your niche related articles and put a valuable comment. Many allow linkback to your website. Be sure to avoid Auto-Approve comments. These days comment spam is increasing hard so if you can get approved comment backlink from moderated page then it will help to boost your SERP.

4. Get listed in quality directories

Getting listed in DMOZ, Y ! Directory, Business Directory is great. There are 100+ quality directories to get backlink from. Just do it.

5. Social Media Links

Ever tried getting front page of digg ? You have to ! Similarly, stumbleupon, delicious etc work great. You need to have great content and then promote hard to get benefit. If your content was popular then you will get 100s of quality and natural backlinks. This will increase your link popularity. Traffic ? OMG

6. Guest Posting

Guest Posting was HOTTEST link building Strategies in 2010. For 2011, it still is. However, many webmasters are fed up with lots of guest post request. Some have started asking money also. Still, you keep trying. Give quality content to webmasters and get permanent backlink.

7. Private Link Networks

Linkvana, Articleranks, SEOLinkvine etc are not really the best way to build links. However, they will work good. I would prefer going only with linkvana as these guys have good websittes and accept quality content only.

Article Submitting to directories has almost saturated. Only Ezine and few other moderated directories are good.

8. Blog Creation

Create Blogger, WordPress, VOX, Xanga and many more blogs. get backlinks from all of these properties. DO NOT DO LINKWHEEL or anything tricky. Just create great official blog with awesome content and create some good backlinks to these properties. Then you will see the power of blog backlinks.

9. Forum Posting

Do Not Spam but do quality forum posting. Forums allow signatures to get a link back. Done wisely, this can be good.

10. Tell me – What should i add ?

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Areesh Khan February 2, 2012 at 2:47 pm

My self Muhammad Areesh Khan and i am from Pakistan. I will not wrong if i say that your article is a good source if information. But i have 2 Questions.

1)Please tell me that what strategy will prove good for Competing the high Competition.
2)I don’t have any knowledge about Guest Posting and private link building, can you please tell me about that in detail.

Your Faithfully.


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