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by Baba

Blog Commenting is one of the best way approved to boost your search engine ranking and many of us are doing that also. But recently google has said that it will penalize if your link is placed with viagra or porn links. The google statement came true as one of my site was penalized but i am still not worried and waiting to regain my position back. However, being careful in this issue is best for always. There is chance that some viagra links will be placed after you have posted your link and in such case it is really tough to follow the google rules.

How blog comments helps in SEO ?

Blog comments with your anchor text will give you free and solid backlink (Assuming that the backlink is dofollow) and it will boost your search engine position on the particular anchor text you have used. Google finds the anchor text is important for the webpage you are using because it in many other pages. The example you can take is : Google : ” Click Here ” without quota and you will find in first position because many of us have been linking to adobe reader download page using anchor text ” click here “.

Using different anchor text or the same ?

There is no problem using same anchor text. For best result you use different anchor text and different inner pages while building backlinks. For example build 50 backlinks using same anchor text for your page 1 and then build another 50 backlinks using another anchor text for your page 2. Google will always find your page important if you use same anchor text. Use different anchor text only if you are targeting to rank on those keywords also. Don’t use different anchor text being afraid of penalizing from Google.

How to find blog pages to comment on ?

There are various blogging platform and various blog search engines. You can use google blog search or any other blog search engine to find blog pages to comment on. You will surely find hundreds of them. Drupal is another popular platform to comment on. Searching ” powered by drupal” in google will give you many blogs. WordPress is mostly with nofollow attribute so i would suggest you to ignore it.

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