Bu Keba, The Organic Village Cafe, Kathmandu Review By Baba

by Baba

I have got it !!! WOW !! This is the restaurant i was looking for in Kathmandu. I ordered dishes from Foodmandu and i haven’t got chance to visit this restro. But with the quality of food they provided, i am damn sure this is one of the must visit place. You simply cannot afford not to taste food from Bu Keba!!

As you all know, i am a food lover and have been reviewing few restaurant lately.  When i don’t have time to go out i simply order from foodmandu. I was surfing the site and found the name of Bu Keba. I was attracted with the prices and also surprised a little. For example, Chicken tandoori full is priced Nrs.850 SC and Vat Applies.  The average rate  is 350Nrs. Even momo is priced over 200Nrs. I thought, why not try this ? Are they simply overpriced restro or they have something different to offer ? I ordered Choyla, C.tandoori and Momos. Bill went around 1500Nrs. 😛  Food arrived a little late than other places but was delivered HOT by foodmandu.  tested momos first and my word .. they were amazing .. The taste of Choyla made me crazy and am determined to visit Bu Keba Soon. C.Tandoori was (without any hesitation) …. the best i ever had.

I will order VEG items this week and then visit this cafe as soon as possible. The taste of food is simply simply amazing ..! Quality and quantity and one of the best you will get. Hygienic .. i cannot tell but didn’t find anything suspicious and my stomach remained cool the next day. Price is above the average for surely affordable and you get what you pay for.

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