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Grow Your Business in Nepal with Baba’s Facebook Advertising Services

Have you been spending way too much money on advertising for your business without getting results that justify the costs? It really does pay to know your target audience and to know the best methods of catching their attention and drawing them to become customers. In today’s world, internet marketing has become one of the most vital tools for businesses to use in order to attract clientele, and Facebook Advertising in Nepal has been hugely successful for those companies with the insight to take advantage of this latest technology for advertising.


How Do Facebook Ads in Nepal Help My Business’ Bottom Line?

There are many advantages to utilizing this excellent social media for the purpose of advertising. Of course, it is true that every day thousands of people seem to be wasting hours and hours of their time trolling through the pages of Facebook, checking up on their friends and posting their opinions. But this time that you may have previously considered a waste is actually an enormous benefit to your business.


More than 1.8 billion people in Nepal are now on Facebook. While all these people are checking their Facebook page every day, (many of them do it more than once per day) they could easily be looking at advertisements for your business.


Concentrate Your Advertising Budget on Reaching your Target Market

The really wonderful aspect of advertising on Facebook is that you only have to spend money contacting the people who may actually be interested in purchasing your particular product or service. When you post Facebook Ads for Nepal, you can choose to only place the ads where they are seen by your target market, without wasting a dime on advertisement that goes out to a general audience that may or not be interested.


With my expert Facebook Page Management Services, your company will be able to target the kinds of people who are most likely to purchase your product or service. We can set up your advertisements so that you pay only for ads that reach your target customer based on location, gender and age. You will now reach twice as many potential customers as you would with conventional television, radio and newspaper ads, without paying anything at all for wasted ads that go to people who don’t fit your customer base.


The Best Advertising is “Word of Mouth”

Have you ever heard that old cliché that says the very best advertising for any business comes from satisfied customers who tell their friends? Word of mouth advertising is like getting a good reference, and you won’t find any better person-to-person advertising than that of getting Facebook “likes” from your happy clients. Every person who has a Facebook page has a group of friends, and when anyone decides that they “like” an advertisement, product or webpage, all of their friends get a notice showing them what is “liked.” That’s chain reaction advertising that can garner your business HUGE profits with an increasing client base.


Features of Baba’s Facebook Advertising Services

These are just a few of the benefits of advertising your business on Facebook and ways that I can help your company achieve successful results.

ü  Benefit from my experience in this field of advertisement

ü  Help defining your target market

ü  Savings on your ad budget by only paying for ads that target your potential customers

ü  Professional Facebook Page Design and Facebook Advertising Campaigns

ü  Expand your business’  social presence to assist Search Engine Optimization

ü  Savings on unnecessary ad agency commissions and fees


Take this Opportunity to Reach Millions of New Customers

My proven success with Facebook Advertising in Nepal means that I can use my experience and my expertise to bring your company to the attention of many, many new potential customers and their friends who will also be potential customers.


As a social media/Facebook advertising consultant for Ace Travels I was able to assist that company in reaching millions of Nepal customers on what is now Number 2 on the Top Facebook Pages of Nepal. https://www.facebook.com/bollygraph


Remember the 1.8 billion Facebook users in Nepal?  Click here to get current stats. How many of them would you like to start buying your products and services? How many new customers can your business handle? Let’s get started maximizing your advertising dollars and focus on reaching your target market with excellent, cost-effective, successful advertising on Facebook in Nepal.

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himal chapagain June 27, 2012 at 1:35 am

hey bro i rang u but u didn’t answered.. get in touch asap gotta deal for u


Pramod Sureka October 17, 2013 at 10:15 pm

Dear Mr Pandey,
I have education services –
1. for small children (above age 7) – sort of tution service
2. Abroad study consultancy
Please inform how your services could help me
on the basis of this would plan to visit and meet you


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