Baithak Restaurant Nepal Review By Baba Pandey

by Baba

Ok ! Baithak Restaurant Today Then ..They are moreever a lunch/dinner restaurant rather than snacks. very few items in menu made me SOCKED at first but some people prefer to serve few items but make them the best and to be remembered forever. Thus, i gave a try ..Didn’t visit there but ordered via foodmandu !They have just around 20 items in snacks so i didn’t had much choices on what to order. I picked up MOMOs and Aaloo ! Mind you they didn’t  have even Noodles, Burgers, Sandwich …Sukuti, Chowyla were other options but i don’t really enjoy these dishes.

They took a while to prepare but was delivered ASAP by foodmandu.  I paid 150Nrs for Aaloo and the quantity was so less that .. My word .. It was finished before even i could feel the taste. Tasted like normal Aloo that we get for half the price.  had to open momos quickly as i was hungry. When i opened the Achar i regretted on ordering from Baithak. A little bad smeel was coming. May be the refrigerator was not working because of load shedding ? Anyways .. I eat momos with little achar. Very ordinary momos i would say… They certainly didn’t worth Nrs210..

So, my first experience with Baithak was horrible. I told you in the beginning that they specialize in Lunch/Dinner  and may be i will visit them someday to taste Royal Food (As they say) ..But i will hesitate recommending this place to anyone.  Waste of money, time and momentum !! All you will get is disappointment.

Or i am Wrong ? Or it is because i eat Food from Bu Keba few days ago ? Sometimes, the Good feels bad after you eat better. Feel free to post your thoughts.

Cheers !


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