Bingo Makes Resounding Comeback: Current Trends

by Baba

Last updated on December 16th, 2011 at 06:23 am

The New Year is fast approaching, so, chances are you’re looking for a fast, fun way to make a bit of extra cash, or simple dabble in some risk-taking, merely for the fun and adrenaline of it. What tickles your fancy? How much into games are you? Do you enjoy being a part of online communities? If you’ve answered at least one of the above questions in the affirmative, or with a positive statement, then head on out to Bingoport, the UK’s number one bingo portal. You won’t just enjoy a good, clean-fun game of numbers and cash prizes there. You won’t simply access a website. The site offers a platform experience in the true sense of the world. Meet like-minded players from across the globe, talk about anything, check out the coolest bingo websites currently available online and win real money quick. Sounds too good to be true or catch-free? Read on, to discover all the other perks that the website has to offer.

Basic Features

The vast majority of bingo websites will charge you for your fun. This is definitely not the case with Bingoport. Not only can you play on the website, but it will never cost you a penny. To boot, you’ll get free access to reviews for other bingo sites, free bingo cash and free slots. If you want to make new friends that share your passion for the numbered ball game, all you have to do is access the forums. You’ll meet a great, vibrant community in there, always ready for fun and happy to oblige with tips, tricks and advice.


Looking for opportunities to play Free online bingo and redeem actual cash prizes? At any given time, there is a plethora of sites out there that will run promotions with hundreds of pounds in prizes. But how do you spot them? How can you tell when a website is the real deal and when it’s just a shameless scam? Chances are you won’t always have the time to sift through the many options available out there. This website will do it for you. In addition, after signing up, you’ll be able to view your own odds and statistics reports, as well as similar analyses for all the other players on the website, as well as for each distinct play room.


Upcoming Events

Are you excited about next year’s Summer Olympic Games in London? If you are, and if you’re a bingo aficionado, too, you’ll be happy to learn all about the upcoming Bingoport Olympics. The event is organized by the website which features no less than 100,000 members. The prizes come in PortPoints—you can use these to claim bonus cash from affiliated bino websites or turn them into Amazon vouchers for a bit of late holiday shopping or some post-Christmas sales on items you’ve been craving for a long time.


The Bingoport Olympics have a solid standing on the scene, as well as a thoroughly successful tradition of prizes. The biggest bingo wins ever all exceeded one million British pounds, while the quickest win ever (40,000 pounds) was earned by a player roughly 40 minutes after they had signed up. You can join in the free slots fun, or, alternatively, head on out to the 75 or 90 ball bingo rooms.


Bingo Trends

If you’re still not sure whether or not free online bingo is your kind of fun, consider the fact that uptown games of bingo, for instance, have started to attract an increasing number of young players. Many of them join in in order to make some extra cash that will cover their bills. The younger players are often down and out on their luck—either unemployed or otherwise strapped for cash. Their testimonies on games of bingo, however, speak about a game that has allowed them to get by and ensure a decent living until the tides turn in their favor and the sun of employment starts shining down on them again. While many older players, most of them senior citizens, prefer to play bingo in the halls set up in church basements, younger players are attracted to uptown bingo halls, such as the state-licensed Washington Heights Arcade and West Side Hall. Belle Fisch, owner of Est Side hall says that young couples are probably the best segment of her younger clientele, which started pouring in a few years back. They prefer uptown bingo halls to casinos for the more accessible price on gaming.

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