New Memes Make Long Lasting Link Bait

by Baba

If you’ve ever been bored enough to drop 867-5309 into, then you have some familiarity with an Internet meme. There’s little difference except in the environment. These days you aren’t as likely to see somebody calling for Jenny as you have in the past, but that’s just because kids Rick Roll each other instead.

Internet memes are enormously popular. That’s because they’re funny, typically unique, and spread like wild fire. That’s why it’s in your best interest to always try and feature memes on a blog geared toward SEO. By link baiting memes you’re increasing the likelihood that the traffic you net will be popular and ongoing. It certainly depends on the kind of blog you have, but if it’s even remotely grounded in pop culture, consider keeping up with Internet memes.

So…how do you get started? Visit the Internet Meme Database to see the category of memes already classified by dedicated wiki authors. Feel free to feature these on your site, but keep in mind it’s the newer memes you want to look out for.

The Internet Meme Database includes Google search histories for certain memes. This is important. That’s because it’s imperative that you learn the “name” of a new web meme as soon as possible. People scour the web for links to the videos and images that encompass the majority of memes. By knowing that name and integrating it into your site along with the meme image, video, or link, you rapidly increase the chances of collecting more traffic.

In order to find the “latest” memes, you simply need to be pop culture savvy. With a full-time job and other responsibilities that’s easier said than done. But just browsing for an hour can keep you updated on the latest online humor. By immediately linking to humorous content via your blog, you can stay one step ahead of the game when it comes to memes.

Humor is a hotbed of Internet activity. It’s content that attracts nearly all walks of life. Link to a new meme early enough and you could become the go-to source for it for months afterward. That’s a lot of laughter, which equates to tons of traffic.

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