Traffic Travis Review

by Baba

Traffic Travis is an SEO tool developed by Affilorama and became very popular when SEO was being used by everyone on the internet back in 2006. It slowly became less popular over time but is still preferred by many people because it is so simple to use. When it was first introduced to the public it was best known for making SEO fun. Today, it still works well for smaller sites but has not been recommended to use for larger or complicated sites, prior to the newest version.  Version 4.0 has just been released and promises to turn that around.

What Does it Do?

The function of Traffic Travis is to monitor where your website ranks on various search engines. It also manages your PPC campaign with your service providers, such as Google Adwords. Traffic Travis also suggests alternate keywords when you are using an SEO campaign and aids you in finding the best one. Providing historical data analysis is also a function of Traffic Travis. This information can be used for site tracking as well as competitor site tracking. It has a limit on keywords that is perfect to continue to analyze many sites.

What You Get

Users rate the functionality of Traffic Travis as basic with high marks in how easy it is to use. This tool comes with many features. They include:

  • Advice on optimization
  • Offers customized tips about page optimization
  • A Ranking Checker
  • It monitors the rank of your website on various search engines
  • It submits your website to search engines
  • Automatically submits your website to major search engines
  • Performs analysis of keyword density
  • Analyzes the density of the target keywords on your website
  • Performs keyword research
  • Offers alternate keyword suggestions for your specific SEO campaign and aids you in finding the best one
  • Suggests number of keywords
  • Limits the number of keywords suggested by the tool
  • Performs a daily word search
  • It suggests keywords based on daily keywords searched by your customers on major search engines.
  • Automatically submits your articles to major article directories
  • Aids you in creating multiple link pages used for exchanging links.
  • Assists you in finding the most effective keywords by using keyword popularity and competition comparisons
  • Validates HTML Coding
  • Assists you in managing your PPC campaign with service providers such as Google Adwords
  • Allows you to quickly discover if a PPC campaign is worthwhile

That really seems like a lot for a small site SEO tool to offer. Of course, you won’t know if it is the program for you until you try it for yourself.

The Good and The Bad

As in every other product on the market, there are some positive points that stand out along with some negative points. It may help you decide if Traffic Travis is the product for you in knowing a bit about both. The good points are:

  • Capable of powerful multitasking: Traffic Travis can handle unlimited number of projects at once. This makes tracking and managing multiple projects easier by organizing and storing all projects in separate tabs.
  • Performs historical data analysis: This amazing little SEO tool gives you historical data to be analyzed. It’s a feature that is able to do both on site tracking and the tracking of competitor sites. The limit placed on the keywords is also plenty to do exhaustive analyses of several sites at once.
  • Creates graphical reports: Traffic Travis creates user friendly reports for its users. This is unlike what most SEO tools do. The norm for this are tools that spit out information filled, but cramped reports. The reports produced by Traffic Travis are always neat, easy to comprehend because of their graphical nature, and to the point.

Those are all very important things that will make life easier for you if you’re trying to keep up with one or more small websites. You may enjoy sitting back and letting Traffic Travis do the work for you.

The only point that seems to be in the negative column is its limited features. While Traffic Travis is highly effective in keyword research, it has been considered to be a poor choice when it comes time to run a full-fledged SEO campaign. It was also not the best choice when you need on page analysis and article submission, and cheap link building. With the latest version 4.0 just being released, this may change as the company promises.

Customer Support

If you have any issues with your Traffic Travis, there are various avenues to contact Customer Support. They offer an online help desk, chat, community forum, telephone, and email. Overall, they offer a very competent customer support system that will allow you to resolve any issues in a timely fashion.

In Conclusion

The end result should be based on just how long Traffic Travis has been around. For years, Traffic Travis has been helping small website owners manage their sites and climb their way to a respectable ranking on various search engines. Now, you can get a free download of the initial Traffic Travis tool.

Recently, the Traffic Travis 4.0 was released as tool that is much improved and allows you to do more than ever before with regard to keeping your website up to day. This is currently being sold at $97, which is considered to be a true bargain. Even better, you are invited to try out this version of the Traffic Travis for a full 60 days risk free. If it is not all that you want or need for it to be, your money will be refunded no questions asked.

Traffic Travis is so simple to use that even a beginner can do it. This tool is widely known as the easiest to use SEO tool in the niche of internet marketing. There seem to be a few complaints that this tool is not as accurate as it used to be and that it is very hard for it to analyze websites with a lot of pages. However, the Traffic Travis developers heard these complaints and that is why they came up with the newest version that addresses the issues that were problems before. This new tool has also improved the process of analyzing multiple sites much easier.

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