Coffee Myths Revealed!

by Baba

Most Americans are regular coffee drinkers and quite familiar with home espresso machines, home coffee makers, and Bunn Coffee Filters. Nonetheless, how much do you really know about all of the coffee myths currently circulating? One of the most recent coffee myths to be debunked is that drinking coffee when you are drunk will not sober you up! In the past, many people felt that drinking a cup of Joe would immediately sober you up after a night of drinking, but it actually puts you in an even more dangerous position.

As it turns out, the affects of alcohol and coffee together will only create a very alert drunk, who is still drunk regardless. This means that the buzz of caffeine, so to speak, can impair your judgment if you are inebriated so that you will make poor decisions because you will think that you are more sober than you actually are. It is best not to rely upon caffeine if you are drinking because it will only serve to negate the effects of alcohol, but it will not remove it from your system. Many people rely upon a cup of coffee to sober them up, but it actually does not have the capability to do so. Another coffee myth revealed!

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