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by Baba

Hey all !

Baba Pandey (I) am happy to announce that BabaPandey.Com is now personally Do-Follow website and you can get a quality and authority do-follow backlinks through blog comments and active participant ! WTF Personally means ? This is not official blog and its personal and i am allowed to say whatever i want in this blog.

In this, i would like to tell few things to you all.

This is my personal website and i don’t care what you will feel reading my post. I don’t care grammatical errors and language style. I care about nothing and you will be fool if you take each post seriously and professionally. Of course i am not in plan to give you wrong information ! if you have understood then its good enough !

Accidentally, you will find high quality here ! Those are written other writers, not me. So don’t expect to get such quality articles daily or each time here. If you want to give suggestions to me better send a quality article and it will be published here ASAP .. possibly with you link. If you give articles as i am writing then search your article in recycle bin after sending to me. Be cool, no need to get rude here ! I always respect writers and i think a quality article is priceless. 🙂

Ahh, i am not planning to give backlinks to each comment. I will simply edit and delete the URL and approve your comment unless it is worth reading and valuable. You should post unique ideas and information and suggestions in order to get backlink.

Party time guys .. n ??? 2% girls.

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