Angela & Paul Style BackLinks ? WTF are they ?

by Baba

Last updated on July 15th, 2010 at 01:08 pm

Its rare case that you have not heard about Angela and Paul or any other similar style backlinks. If you have used their packages and got results then you just get out from here ! If you are wondering to know what they are exactly and what are the results they will give then please read this carefully !

What are these BackLinks ?

These backlinks are nothing other than forums and web 2.0 sites which allow you to register along with your website information in profile. Most of them allow you to use anchor text and linkback to your site which wonderfully increases your SERP.

Is it wise paying bucks monthly for getting such backlinks ?

If you are rich enough just pay for it ! You will get what you pay for. But if you don’t have money, no need to worry. Just search yourself for such backlinks via google. How ? wtf ?? Search vbulletin forums by using ” powered by vbulletin” and its different versions and similar other boards. Each CMS platform has its own style and use it ! Dammn, use your mind and a search string in google.

But, why i say these backlinks are useless …

I just said that these backlinks are powerful but they are if you search yourself. If you use the monthly packets given by Angela or Other personal you will just waste your money and time. Hmm, the reason is their packets are useful when they create. They first build backlink for them. When they build its dofollow and they index it in google before giving to you ! Also, they have already gained its juice of backlink before it reaches to you.

When you get, 1000s of people like you get it ! Don’t be happy by getting it ! You can’t imagine how many people and waiting hungrily for it. Angela may find she has 5000 subscribers but actually more than 50k users use them same day ! There are reseller and if you r my friend how can i stop not sharing it with you ? Just understand ! The links are used by 1 millions + people today.

This makes the webmaster wonder and either he closes new registration, which still may not hamper Angela and Paul etc. And also they make it NO-FOLLOW which also won’t harm them because they have already build other new links.

The reason i am bringing them in between time to time is they will always ranked 1st to show you that they are experts but you actually won;t get the results. Also imagine, they are earning 1000s of $$$$ every month and can spend in other methods of seo. You, the one with limited budget buys it for cheap and outsource it for cheap or build links yourself and wait for the results.

WTF you want to say Baba ? You are suggesting us to use their packets or not ?

Haha. use it guys ! Its really good. But just be careful to build quality links always ! BTW, i may probably bring Baba Links after few months and you may be interested in such links. I am not selling just links. I am selling with service.

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Web Hosting India March 2, 2010 at 8:17 am


Thanks for the post. I tried Angela’s link packets for some time, i mean for 6 months. Most of them are social networking sites. People who bought these packets start doing over optimization(most of them) i read many reviews by many people by getting penalized by google for over optimization.

Hi Baba Pandey, how do you suggest and any clear notes to help people?

Best regards


Baba March 3, 2010 at 9:21 am

Hello Venkat !

Angela Packets are surely worthy if they were used by limited number of people. Since these links are used by 1000s of people that also in a short period of time, they get saturated. However, it won’t be penalized by google. I suggest people to keep building backlinks but only after 5-6 months of her distribution. Now, you can use her packet of 2009 links.

When webmaster finds unexpected traffic flow and link building he will surely ban users or make it no-follow. There is chance that after few months again he is ready to open new registrations and make the site do-follow. So, if you build links after on 6 months old packet your time and money will be saved. If you build on recent packet then your link will be deleted and you may be banned ! 🙂


Thu Nguyen July 15, 2010 at 12:12 pm

Pretty timely stuff. I just found out about Paul and Angela links because well backlinking is all the craze if you want to survive in the online world. However, I’m skeptical of their effectiveness.

This article kind of outlines the process. I’ll try them varily and space out the timefrace thus maybe those January packets might do me some good now won’t you think?

Appreciate the eye-opening article. 🙂


Noneya Bizness June 10, 2012 at 1:44 pm

I just purchased 200+ Angela/Paul style backlinks for only $5. So, I don’t get what you meant by “if you’re rich”… Do you have to be rich to spend $5? Plus, I feel the need to point out that this article is VERY POORLY written in English and very hard to follow or understand.


Baba June 10, 2012 at 2:04 pm

Noneya, you got 200+ such links because they were created by software and are called spammy links that are gonna harm your website. ! This article was written 2 years ago and it doesn’t contain up-to-date information. You pointed it out ! My english is not the best so sorry for the inconvenience.


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