Buying BackLinks ? Stop ! Is it valuable ?


Last updated on April 8th, 2024 at 03:23 am

Whenever we start a website, the first thing we do is start buying backlinks and pay for seo services. There are 1000s of websites selling backlinks mainly. Webmasters order their attractive backlink service package and get full report of it within few days. They also see that their ranking in google is increased ! This could be wow ! But after a week they are no where ranked in google. Hmm, this can be sad point though ! Lets discuss about well known saying in backlinks ” Why 50 BackLinks are more powerful than 500 backlinks ? “. This is really a serious topic to discuss and much important.

Why 50 BackLinks are more powerful than 1000 BackLinks ?

I just changed 500 to 1000 and it is true. Not only 1000, it can be 10000 also. The number of backlinks will never matter in long term seo in whitehat method. Being a seo expert i hesitate to push you towards blackhat seo. Well, if your planning to flip a website fast then you may create 1000s of backlinks which will be shown in yahoo explore and google so that buyer will easily pay you few 1000 dollars ! If you are planning to get profit in longterm through your site then always use white-hat method where 50 backlinks are better than 1000s of useless backlinks. Why ? Just take a example of love affair of stars. How popular do they become ? What about you and 1000s of people like you ? Does anyone notice ? What if Obama tells he has purchased seo service from you and what if 1000s of normal people say the same thing ? Just calculate the value. Though backlink is backlink, there is much different !

Hmmm, Ok. So what are these 50 powerful backlinks ?

Links from sites which are already reputed, ranked top in google, aged and have massive traffic are counted as powerful link. getting a backlink from homepage of will automatically make your website #1 in google. 1000s of links from other sites can’t be as valuable as that. Specially, blog platforms are popular these days for getting backlinks and which are counted highly unless the pages are full of spam ! There are millions of blogs and 1000s of high quality. Just get backlinks through comments wherever possible ! Check your search engine position after this ! You will be amazed yourself.

Try finding new pages and place links there. If you try to copy or steal backlinks as others then you will be at loss because the value will be divided. Find clean pages without comments and be first to comment on the page. No matter what PR it has if it has good traffic. Because PR is matter that we see in future. Page with PR0 is expected to be PR4-5 in next update and page of PR7 can be PR3 !

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Nepal Travel March 5, 2010 at 9:39 am

Hey baba, you open my eye. i always try to built back link but i never think about any thing which you have explain on your i learn a lot of things about SEO and creating back link. thanks for opening my eye

Best regard


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