Automating Social Bookmarking for Easy Backlinks

by Baba

Social bookmarks are an easy way to get relevant, rank-boosting backlinks to your site. Unfortunately, you need to get a lot of these backlinks to get results and submitting these links by hand takes a lot of time. That’s where automation comes in. Instead of painstakingly doing it on your own, why not let the software do it for you?

How the Software Works

Each service works a little differently. Some will submit and bookmark all your articles for you; others will simply bookmark them for you after you’ve submitted them to directories already. Some will require you to create your own logins and enter them into the system, while others will have all their own logins and do all the hard work for you.

What they all have in common is that they’ll all get you a ton of backlinks. The more backlinks your site has, the more likely you are to rank in the search engines.

Here are three of the most popular software on the market for automating social bookmarking.


SocialMonkee makes even automation easy by making the whole process just one-click.

SocialMonkee’s main interface is a Firefox plugin. All you need to do is navigate to the page you want to promote, click the button in the Firefox plugin and hit “Submit to 25 sites.”

An info page will pop up, pre-populated with information from the page. Hit OK and your post will automatically be submitted to 25 different sites to get you 25 different backlinks.


IMAutomator is a bookmark, directory and article submitter that has all its own logins. You don’t have to do any of your own signups, all you need to do is bookmark your pages through their system.

They have 56 different social bookmarking sites that they submit your site to. They’ll submit your site to 13 different RSS directories if it’s a blog, as well as 66 different article directories if you’re publishing articles.

Needless to say, IMAutomator’s many different backlinks can lend a site a lot of power.


Unlike IMAutomator, with SocialAdr you do need to create your own logins. Once you’ve created them and entered their info into SocialAdr, you’ll be able to submit to all of them with one click in the SocialAdr interface.

The benefit of creating your own login is that the quality of the links tends to be higher. Instead of having accounts and pages with tons of links on it, your account only has links to your own pages. SocialAdr supports up to 21 bookmarking sites, so you can generate up to 21 different backlinks for every new post you make.

These are three of the most popular, proven pieces of software on the internet for automating social bookmarking submission. Each of these services will easily help you generate as much as 20 backlinks per day, which is more than enough to get you to the top 5 of many keywords.

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