Hootsuite, TweetDeck Threatened by Buzzom

by Baba

TweetDeck is the first major revolution in the Twitter App space but it charm is almost entirely take away by Hootsuite. TweetDeck did all the hardwork to get people on Desktop Apps from Twitter Web, while Hootsuite did the undo and took people back to Web with its awesome Web App.

Buzzom on the other hand started with Follow-unfollow management but soon they entered all the spaces like RSS Feed posting, Social Media Buttons, Twitter Badge for Blogs and ultimately to Statistics and Timeline.


I was using TweetDeck earlier and later migrated to Hootsuite but after Buzzom come up with SPAM control and Facebook like interface, I started using Buzzom. The best part of Buzzom is their effective use of Twitter APIs; the app runs most of the time even when Twitter goes down. This is simply awesome.

Here are few points why I feel Buzzom is a serious threat to TweetDeck and Hootsuite.

1. All in one: Buzzom is the most complete Web App present. It has all features from Timeline and Status Update to follow-follow. Before I found Buzzom I had to bookmark many applications for Twitter but now Buzzom is a one stop solution for all the needs.
2. Conversation: It is always difficult to track friends talking about own Tweet. When there are several people talking and you have lots of Tweets, the conversation tracking is a pain. Buzzom has given the nested look for conversation. I simply love this feature.
3. Hide Spam: Hide Hash Tags (#), Application or Person is the killer feature in Buzzom. Hats off to the team for making it happen. I can now get clean Twitter stream in spite of my following thousands of folks.
4. Feed Management: Buzzom Feed Management is very scientific and the way they have implemented cycle for feed posting is awesome. You can repeat tweets to reach out to people of various continents by choosing the right options. This is just awesome.

The Feed Management in Buzzom allows publishing RSS Feeds to Facebook Fan Page too, and its simply awesome.

5. Facebook Look: I use Facebook more than Twitter and someone I feel the Facebook look is amongst the best possible for reading and posting status updates. Buzzom has brought that look to Twitter and I can ask nothing more.
6. Buzz Button: Buzzom Team’s imagination is superb in the field of Social Media. The Buzz Button is one of the handiest Social Media toolbar I have seen so far. They have made it for Chrome and Firefox, and I am using both. It just ends the problem of searching Social Media share buttons in blogs or sites to share. It stays by the side of address bar and serves a lot.
7. Statistics at NXY.IN: For several weeks of using Buzzom I didn’t know that they have such a fantastic statistics for posted URLs. It is bit painful to go to NXY.IN, login thro Twitter and view the stats but I feel with the quality they have provided; it is worthy to do this hard work.
8. Customer Service: This is fantastic. It has never happened to me that I have raised any question to Buzzom Team and they have not replied me within a day. Hats off to the most efficient team of Twitter Ecosystem; I have never expected this to happen from a FREE app. But Buzzom Team has made it happen.
9. People Search: TweetDeck and Hootsuite are great but only for external look. When it comes to advanced features like People Search and targeted grow; Buzzom is far more superior. They literally don’t have any good competition in this space.
10. Buzzom Premium: It is a different service from Buzzom Team. I wonder why they have kept it different; it just does not talk to Buzzom in any way. But the app in itself is great. The Status Update scheduling is unmatchable. They have facilities of Excel upload to data download, and the best of all is the easy to download reports for the marketing campaign.

Buzzom is surely the king in Twitter Space. If you have not tried this app, do it today. You will be happy that you did.

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Mukesh July 14, 2010 at 1:54 am

And do you know that Buzzom is a product of a company named InRev (www.inrev.org) which is owned by Nepalese people? 🙂


Baba July 14, 2010 at 8:21 am

@ Mukesh , Of course Pal


Rajeev Ranjan Singh July 19, 2010 at 3:28 am

These are good tools with twitter experience and every tool have nice features but i mostly usning Buzzom because i like feed and statistics of the my account. http://www.buzzom.com


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