How to Convert Youtube Videos to Mp3 in Different Ways

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Last updated on November 15th, 2011 at 03:54 am

Firefox Users : Simply download  – Install the addon and you can convert youtube videos to MP3 with a click and its its really easy. I use it personally.

Some of The Coolest Sites



hoe to convert youtube videos to mp3

Before Youtube took off a few years ago, no one would have thought that there could be a website that fulfills almost all of the average person’s media needs at once. There are many music videos, song lyrics, live performances, new reports, how to videos, and media gossip all located at your fingertips when you are at the computer. The only thing YouTube doesn’t do is make this information portable. Many people would like a way to take YouTube with them, such as listen to a song without having to load the video or hear a business podcast on their way to work. The answer to these requests is converting the sound tracks on YouTube videos into mp3 format and saving them on your computer to be played off your hard drive or to be taken with you on a portable audio player.There are a few different ways to convert YouTube to mp3 format.

1. Conversion Websites are probably the simplest way.

There are several different websites out there that will do most of the work for you. Because this is so easy, it is the preferred method for most laymen. Websites like and make converting YouTube to mp3 format a click and go process. Simply paste the URL for the desired YouTube video into the online converter and wait for it to download the mp3 file to your computer. allows you to select whether you would like the file in normal or high quality while allows you to specify specific sections of the video you would like converted. Dripy No Longer works. (Please check sites above)

2. Conversion Programs.

YouTube to mp3 allows you to do it directly on your own computer. This cuts out the 3rd party server used by the conversion websites, making the transaction much more secure. There are several programs available that accomplish this conversion but the YouTube to MP3 Converter offered by DVDVideoSoft is one of the simplest. Once installed, it allows you to paste multiple URLs at a time into the input box, as well as specify the folder you would like it to save your files under. Simply click download and it will do the rest. These types of programs are helpful for those who want to keep the process strictly between YouTube and their computer for security reasons. They also allow you to download large numbers of audio files at the same time, something that can be long and tedious on the conversion websites.
The problem for many people with these first two methods is that they cut out the actual video part of YouTube, leaving you with just the soundtrack.

3. Conversion for Video and Audio.

For people who want both the video and the soundtrack, they must first download the full video to their computer and then separate out the audio file using a conversion tool. Downloading YouTube videos to your computer can be done either using an online website tool or, if you would like to avoid the security risk, a local program on your computer. Some online websites that will do this instantly are and These operate in a similar manner to the conversion websites in the first section. There are also several other programs that you can download to your computer that perform this function locally, such as YouTube Video Downloader.
a.Mozilla Firefox also now has a tool called Download YouTube Videos + that allows you to download full YouTube video directly from the browser. This is by far the easiest way to download full videos as it does not require downloading any other programs and just requires the click of a button. It also comes with a free download of Mozilla Firefox.
Once you have these full videos on your hard drive, you will have to download another program that will convert YouTube to mp3 locally. Since YouTube videos are in an flv. format, FreezFlv to Mp3 Converter will work for this.

4. For Macs.

While PC’s will save and play videos in the flv. version used on YouTube, Macs will not. To convert YouTube to mp3 on a Mac, you must first download the full YouTube video in a version called H.264. A Mac program that is available, called VideoBox, will automatically do this, allowing you to play the full YouTube videos in Quicktime. Another program called FfmegX is also available to convert these Quicktime videos into mp3 format. FfmpegX is useful because it also deals with many other format conversions, not just YouTube to mp3.

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