7 Ways for Stay At Home Mom’s to Earn from Comfort of Their Homes

by Baba

Last updated on November 4th, 2011 at 04:17 am

We definitely know that the world around us is changing rapidly and therefore we see that there are new job professions and new ways of earning money that are becoming popular. Today, the idea of earning income is not just about waking up early in the morning and rushing through the crowd to catch the regular bus or train and to sit in that same chair for hours and working for boss that never really pays attention to your talents and skills. There are many ways for stay at home mom’s to earn from home here.  Some are discussed here- Work From Home .With the advent of internet, our life has changed completely. Today, you can do many things that were simply impossible earlier. The plight of working women has improved because earlier she had to manage her personal life and professional life at the same time, which would make her life miserable, but situations have changed now.

If you are a working woman who also is a mom then you don’t have to leave your house to earn money, because there are new opportunities waiting at your doorstep. Yes, many stay at home moms who were earlier considered as dependent can now bring a good amount of money to supplement their family income. There are various ways on the internet through which stay at home moms can earn a decent income for themselves and for their kids.

1. Freelance Writing

If you are good at writing then there is no need to step out in the sun. There are many stay at home moms who were secretaries and administration executives and therefore they are very good at writing and drafting letters. If you have a nick for writing then you can be a freelance writer and that can earn you handsome income right from the comfort of your home. You can take assignments from the clients online and deliver them on time and get your money transferred into your bank account electronically. This allows you to spend more time with your family and your kids and at the same time earn good income and sharpen your writing skills as well.

2. Online Business

Women who are business-minded can have their own business over the internet. Of course, it does sound a bit complicated, but you can easily create your own website as there are many tools available for free. You can promote your business through social networking sites and attract more customers. If you are good at cooking you can start your own small tiffin service in your locality and that can bring you a good amount of money.

3. Online Surveys

We always knew that sharing our experience helps others, but we never knew that sharing your experience can also earn us some good amount of income. Yes, stay at home moms can share their experience with online survey companies that provide money for sharing and providing honest comments. You can write down your experience and honest comments about your experience at a particular hotel, restaurant, mall or any other place or products and you will get some money for the experience that you have shared. Today, there are many women and elderly person who prefer to earn some money for themselves by filling up online surveys.

4. Affiliate Marketing

If you want to be with your kids and earn some money as well, then nothing is better than affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing does not take much of your time and therefore you have to invest only a few hours to ensure that you are earning a decent income that you can use for your kids and their requirements. There are many online companies that teach you more about how to go about affiliate marketing and once you have learned the tricks you can earn up to $1000 sitting right in front of your computer.

5. eBay Business

This definitely sounds strange, but you can also make some good income right from the comfort of your living room by selling the junk you have at home. We never realize that there are so many opportunities that surround us. Websites like eBay allow you to sell some of the junk stuff over the internet. Hence, if you have some old sofa or dining set or anything that you want to get rid off to clean up your house then post it up on eBay and get the best price for it.

6. Online Sales

If you enjoy challenges then online sales job is something you would cherish. You can get connected with various companies that sell products online. You can soon in touch with them and try to convince people to buy the products and services and get commissions on the number of targets you complete. Since you are not face to face with your customers the rejection rate does not have any psychological effect on you.

7. Google Adsense

This is normally considered as the best way to earn good income in the long term. However, you will need to work hard to ensure that your website is good enough, so that more ads can be placed on your website. Stay at home moms normally prefer to go for other options instead of Google Adsense because it may take time to earn the revenue.

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Aj Carlile August 18, 2010 at 7:41 am

So true. Yes in this rapidly changing world there are greater opportunities knocking on our doors. The traditional way of working like walking away from your homes to your office has also evolved. Who could imagine that you will make a living without leaving the comforts of your home? Well, its definitely possible. With the advent of the new technologies, anything is possible. Even for stay at home moms, if you just have internet then you are good to go. And the seven ways mentioned in this post are among the few. Its all a matter of choosing whats right for you.
Many Internet marketers are using social media marketing now to introduce their products and services to a wider audience.


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