TropiLight 9-Foot Bronze Aluminum Lighted Canvas Market Umbrella – The Best of Its Kind

by Baba

If you’re thinking about purchasing an umbrella for your patio set then look no further than the TropiLight 9-Foot Bronze Aluminum Lighted Canvas Market Umbrella. This umbrella is beautiful to look at, easy to install, and much cheaper than other outdoor umbrellas.

What To Look For When Searching For An Outdoor Patio Umbrella

  • Look for a sturdy umbrella; one that will not give in easily during heavy rains. Be sure to find one that is made of waterproof and stain-resistant materials.
  • Find high quality frames particularly because a market umbrella is always subjected to rough handling and normally exposed to the rain and wind.
  • Make sure that the umbrella comes with quality wind vents at the very top in order to facilitate the circulation of air. Also, this will greatly help in keeping the umbrella well-grounded.
  • Purchase an umbrella that does not fade easily. Find a sun-resistant fabric for longer umbrella life. Doing so will be worth your investment.
  • Make sure to buy only from the most reputable umbrella suppliers. Keep in mind that ads don’t tell everything. The real test is when you get to use the product in real-life conditions.
  • Find a market umbrella that is easy to operate. Look for the ones that move up and down with little effort.
  • Be sure that you can purchase an umbrella in the color that you are looking for.
  • Don’t forget the umbrella stand.

We recommend that you take a look at the TropiLight 9-Foot Bronze Aluminum Lighted Canvas Market Umbrella. This umbrella has many great features. Here are a few:

  • 9 feet wide
  • Six-fiber glass ribs that were added for extra strength
  • 1 3/8-inch center pole
  • The item includes a single vent for stability
  • Three-position tilt
  • Crank lift for easier opening and closing
  • Finial, push-button coupling
  • It can also come in a beige polyester cover
  • There are lights that are located at the umbrella’s ribs
  • Comes with thermometer and power button for the lights
  • The bottom pole has a small socket
  • A/C cord and an electrical A/C adapter
  • It can add ambience and light to any outdoor scenario
  • Weighs at 11 pounds when shipped
  • This is a highly-rated commercial umbrella that you can proudly show to other people

How Much And Who Can Order?

You can purchase this outdoor patio umbrella for around $100 on saving you 16% off the regular price. This product is eligible for free shipping as well. Currently, it can only be shipped within the United States.

What Do Customers Say?

For homes with larger gardens or patio, the market umbrella is great for creating some much needed shade during summer months.

Customers loved the ‘amber lights’ that the umbrella comes with. The umbrella lights add a nice effect and they also create a relaxing atmosphere. The lights provide ample lighting, and with three available settings, you can choose the mood you want to set.

Most customers loved the price point of this umbrella. It was not expensive and still looked very nice in their backyards.

The vent located at the top of the umbrella works well to keep the umbrella in a straight and upright position. Others were please with the fact that just one person can easily set up this patio umbrella.

A Few Concerns

Some customers complained that the material of the umbrella was not real canvas. However, it is still sturdy enough to stand against the elements. To keep anything from happening to the umbrella it is best to keep the umbrella down and tied up with a bungee cord when the weather is bad.

Adding a base could affect the height of the pole so you might have a little problem in positioning the socket where the electrical cord will plug into. You might have a little apprehension with the height of the socket since this will come barely below your table surface. This can pose a problem since it will be a bit difficult to bend over and put a plug on that height. However, a base is necessary to keep the umbrella balanced and sturdy.

Slight rust might appear if you leave this market umbrella out during winter or when there are heavy rains. This doesn’t eat up the entire umbrella, though, as you can only see it on the lower section of the pole where the two poles are fitted together. It’s best to store it during the winter.

Is It Worth It?

The TropiLight 9-Foot Bronze Aluminum Lighted Canvas Market Umbrella is definitely worth purchasing. It is one of the better choices out there in its price range. You will not be disappointed especially when you turn on those lights in the evening.

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