Strathwood Anti-Gravity Adjustable Recliners Review

by Baba

A reclining chair is the ultimate furniture piece when it comes to function and aesthetics. It easily adds comfort and style to your outdoor living space. Reclining chairs were specifically designed to give maximum support to a person’s lower and upper back while seated comfortably.

When you want only the best, it is wise to trust in a brand that has proven its quality over the years. The Strathwood brand is a name that is synonymous with quality and elegance. One of the best outdoor recliners they manufacture is the Strathwood Anti-Gravity recliner.

What Makes The Strathwood Anti-Gravity Adjustable Recliner So Special?

From a general point of view, the Strathwood Anti-Gravity adjustable recliner is a wonderful addition to your existing furniture pieces. It is a chair that provides comfort even while sitting on it for several hours.

The anti-gravity recliner was designed to imitate the weightlessness and floating sensations felt when you are in space. This zero-gravity feel reduces pressure on the spine relieving muscle tension.

It promises no backaches, zero discomfort and it is even beneficial to people who have arthritis, pregnant women, and people who are shorter in height.

The Winning Features of The Strathwood Anti-gravity Adjustable Recliner

·         It is made of foldable steel frame.

·         Textiline mesh seat and backing allows for air to freely circulate while you’re seated so you will not sweat as much.

·         Bungee cords attach the mesh seat to the steel frame which makes it an adjustable recliner.

·         Compact and portable; you can easily fold it and store it under the bed, inside a cabinet, inside the car trunk or any other nook in your home or office.

·         The recliner conforms to your body.

·         It evenly distributes your weight so if you’re under 250 pounds, you can toss and turn and not worry about toppling over.

·         It has infinite reclining positions.

·         There are special joints which allow endless back and leg positions.

·         The metal frame is also coated with a kind of paint that is resistant to rust.

·         7 vibrant colors to choose from; with each one known to resist fading

·         It comes with a foam headrest which helps to support the user’s neck.

·         There are comfortable armrests which will readily take the load off while you place your entire weight onto the recliner.

·         It comes with rubber feet which keep the recliner in place, it grips the surface tightly whether it’s made of grass, concrete or dirt.

·         It measures at 36 inches (length) and 26.8 inches (width) when closed

·         It measures 63.8 in length and 26.8 inches in width with 29.3 inches as its height.

·         It weighs 17.82 pounds.

·         It comes in champagne and brown colors.

Pros and Cons

There are a few customers who pointed out that the chair could get rusty even if it claims to be rust-resistant. Some people forgot to cover their recliner when it rained or bring it into the shade when it is hot and sunny outside. Because of this, some saw a few rust spots.

Others have also complained that the operating mechanism could get a bit tricky to set up. Other than these two setbacks, the Strathwood anti-gravity adjustable recliner is the perfect addition to your functional and decorative furniture.


The Strathwood Anti-Gravity Recliner is recommended if you are looking for a comfortable recliner for your outdoor patio area. Strathwood furniture beautifully designed and built to last for years. You will not be disappointed with this purchase. Shop online at and save 34%. Plus, they also have free shipping on this product.

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