The role of Social Media Sites In SEO

by Baba

Social media sites play great role for search engine optimization. Besides helping you get quality backlinks, these sites also help you to get ranked well on search engines. Lets discuss about it in detail.

What are social media sites ?

Social media sites are the one which connects internet users worldwide in a group. You, me and the other users combined together in a site makes a social media sites. There are popular social sites like Twitter, Digg, Facebook etc with millions users. Joining these sites will connect you with few of those millions which are similar to you. If you are one of the very active user then you will be well known to millions of users in time being. There will also be huge number of fan.

How these sites will help you in SEO ?

Being active user in these social media sites will not only make you popular but will also make your sites popular. People who like you will surely visit your site. These social sites allow you to share your articles in your website which will be visible to all users. Besides, search engines will index your shared site and pages. Since these sites are already trusted sites and are well ranked your shared site will get juice of it and will be ranked very well assuming you have quality and unique content. For example, if you submit a article to digg then your article URL will get indexed in no time in search engines. You will also notice that the article is ranked top for the keywords you were targeting.

Will any site get ranked using social media sites ?

Never think. Unless you have unique and quality content you should not imagine of getting good ranking. This is for long term benefit. If you are trying to spam these sites then you will be surely banned from these sites and there is chance of being banned from search engines also. If this happens there is nothing left for SEO. So, try providing quality content always if you are planning of a long term business.

So guys, use social media sites carefully and it will be effective for you and your business. There are 100s of social sites and it is difficult to be active in all. Be active in few which you like and use other sites just to share your pages for getting backlinks and ranking. You will get good amount of traffic from sites where you are active.

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