SEO: Commenting on Do-Follow Blogs and Spam

by Baba

Last updated on February 1st, 2011 at 09:58 am

Nothing new that we all have been using various methods to increase our SERP and blog comments is one of the main methods we all have been using. However, blog comment spamming is undergoing seriously and search engines are searching methods to not count such spam links.

Check out Official Google Notice :

Stop Comment Spams

Hard Facts about Blog Comment Spam

Do Follow Blog Comments for SEO

Its known fact that blog comments will give you one way backlinks and it will pass the PR juice and increase your search engine ranking if the link doesn’t have rel=nofollow tag.  Blog commenting helps for seo in great way if done with care. However, due to large spamming in blog comments most of the webmasters have made their blog nofollow which is not helping the spammer to get backlink.

Also, there are several blogs around which are dofollow but they accept only NON-Spammy comments. So the best way would be to comment on these blogs. I request you to make a worthy comment of 50-100 words and share your opinion through the comment which will definitely pay you back with a good backlink.

You need not try spamming on these blogs because it may lead your site being banned from Google. (If most of the top webmasters report about your site then google will surely ban you and other search engines too)

Ultimate List of Do-Follow Blogs can be found here Blogs that are Do follow

Me and Blog Comment Spam

I didn’t know about comment spam a year ago and used to comment on blogs saying : Nice Post, Thanks for the Article and leave links of my sites. However, when i knew about spamming then i have never done any blog comment spam. I post a relevant comment (Though my English is poor) and generally use my name to get a linkback instead of keyword. These vary according to sites i am commenting on.

I realized that bloggers are in same home and we should never spam. Today, i am getting many spam comments daily which made me known that how hard it is when someone spams your site. So, guys please don’t spam blogs anymore. Instead be helpful and post good comment in every blog ! (I am not talking about my blog here)

No-Follow Doesn’t Count ?

Many of the popular blogs are nofollow but posting quality comment of these blogs still count. Do-Follow is always better than no-follow but it doesn’t mean that no-follow is useless.

Do Not Spam Any Blogs ! We all bloggers are in a family so help each other !

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