Google PageRank Update 3rd April 2010

by Baba

Heya All

Google has updated its toolbar pagerank update and many of you must have been waiting for it eagerly. Some of you must be disappointed due to your PR being lowered and some of you must be very happy to see a boost in your PR. And the other who didn’t have any changes Like me 🙂 ….

Some of the Major Decreases in PR :

CNN.COM PR8 From PR10 ?? OOOO  PR8 from Pr9  Pr3 from PR6 ?? WTF

Increased ?

Hmm.  Its your duty to post in comments. I don’t have any here.

PR is Increased ? Don’t be overexcited.

Guys, PR is updated daily and you see only when google wants to show you. It is when toolbar PR is updated. Many become happy when they see their PR is increased and start working less on the site which cause PR decrease in next update. You need to keep working even more to seem it natural for search engines.

PR is Nothing, Traffic Is Everything ?

There is a group of people who only focus on PR and the other ignores PR. FreePlant.Net is PR0 since long but it gets 2000 around daily traffic and earning good through ads. PR is only important to those who are specially focused on selling links and google doesn’t allow you to sell links. It is something serious ! Well, however, you can give some love of your PR to your favorite sites. Relevancy is must !

However, traffic is most important factor for each webmaster who are serious. If your site doesn’t have traffic then it won;t earn good revenue.

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baton April 4, 2010 at 12:20 pm

> And the other who didn’t have any changes Like me
And me! The same numbers: 2 and 0 🙂


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