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Try Market Samurai now for free!Market Samurai is a fully equipped market research tool. For anyone and everyone who wishes to leave an impression on the internet with his/her website, Market Samurai can be the best bet. From keyword research to potential traffic for a certain keyword to even monetizing the content on website- Market Samurai does it all. And a purer version of hacking, you can even get to know about your competitor’s back links.

Market Samurai is a cutting edge internet marketing tool that does market research, keyword analysis and is optimal for search engine optimization. It reduces the time spent on critical internet marketing since it creates significantly effective results.

For any one who desires to build a world class website, keyword research and its use in the webpage is critical. Everyone looks for the keyword that drives maximum traffic to the site and has less competition. Market Samurai does exactly that. Market Samurai is more than just a keyword research tool. Right from checking your search engine ranking to even keeping a check on your competitor’s backlinks is what defines Market Samurai. Go ahead and read a few Market Samurai review online to see how popular this research tool has become.

And what makes Market Samurai an invincible product is the package of modules it comprises of. Each module functions as a separate program and is beneficial in itself.

Key Modules in Market Samurai

  • Keyword Research – This simple tool find additional keywords that complement you key keyword. It also analyzes the keywords efficacy to drive traffic, adword value and competition to that additional keyword.
  • SEO Competition – Market Samurai takes a look at the top ten results for your keyword and shows you how well they rank for a number of important SEO factors.
  • Rank Tracker – Put in your domains and keywords, and Market Samurai will show you where your sites rank for each of your keywords over time on famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing.
  • Monetization – You know that you’ve used the right keyword and have started driving traffic as well, but you have no clue how to monetize that. Well, this tool helps you do that by directing you to the related products.
  • Find Content – Since overdose of keyword is a no no, this tool other related content that is relevant your keyword and is useful for your blog or webpage.
  • Publishes Content – Manages all your WordPress blogs in one place and publish your content easily.
  • Domains.  – This is a tool for searching new or expired domains around a particular keyword.
  • Promotion – Find Web 2.0 sites, blogs and forums that are related to your keyword where you can place your links on.

Though all modules are jack of all trades, for an effective website building and its maintenance, the way I see it, four modules stand out. With the help of these four modules you can complete an entire keyword research campaign The 4 key tools that make Market Samurai irreplaceable are:

  • Keyword Research Tool
  • SEO Competition
  • Rank Tracker

·         Domain

Market Samurai Keyword Research

When developing a great or niche website, doing the proper keyword research is the key to success. You want to find keywords that get a lot of traffic, but don’t have so much competition that they are impossible to rank for. To start off with the keyword research tool module, you first need to enter in a seed keyword into Market Samurai. Hit the ‘Generate Keywords’ button and Market Samurai will go out to Google and return you a list of relevant keywords to your keywords. You can filter this initial list by a variety of criteria, like traffic, phrase length, and positive and negative keywords. Remember, Market Samurai will generate the numbers and stats for each keyword. The decision to choose the keyword is upon you. But of course, since Market Samurai brings all relevant information right upfront, taking a well informed decision becomes easy.

Market Samurai Keyword Competition

Once you have the list of keywords with you would obviously want to analyze its potential. Through market samurai you can get information regarding each keyword on various parameters including traffic stats and various SEO competition factors.

Market Samurai Rank Tracker


You’ve chosen the best suited keyword and have built your website around it. Now you want to know that how well your website stands or what rank does it possess. This is where the Rank Tracker module comes in. Enter the keyword you want to track, select the engines you want track the ranks on. Market Samurai will go out to each one and tell you where your domain ranks for each keyword in your list. Through rank tracker you are updated about your position and can easily maintain a graph showing how your website has improved over time. With this tool, you save a lot of time. For instance if you wanted to check your rank on three different keywords on five search engines, you would have taken ages if you did that manually. But with rank tracker it becomes quicker.

Though market is inundated with several keyword research tools such as Goggle, Adwords keywords research tool, Spyfu and Keyword Discovery, market samurai and its modules make it extremely powerful and above all the other keyword research tools.

Market Samurai Domain

Many a times when generating our won email id, we must have faced the problem of getting an exact email address suitable to our name. Google or any other email site gives us option that best suit our names or keywords. Market Samurai Domain module is just that. If the exact keyword domain is not available, you’ll get a list of other domain suggests which is basically the initial keyword + some other stuff.

Market Samurai brings the profitable keywords right in front of your eyes. You are thus able to focus on high growth keywords; keywords with high traffic and in short the gold digger keywords for your website. Besides keywords, market samurai also figure out relevant videos and pictures to be posted on your website. In short, it gets you quality content for your website. Obviously Market Samurai saves a LOT of your time!

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