Best WordPress SEO Themes For Your Business

by Baba

WordPress, being one of the most popular CMS today, has tons and tons of premium and free themes which makes us really easy to create a website. With a click of a mouse, wordpress can be installed and so can be a wordpress theme. little here and there  Customization will give our website a unique look and we can go like in minutes. However, if you are unable to select good theme various problems can occur. Specially in SEO.

I am giving you few of the best wordpress seo themes which are optimized well for search engines, have clean design and are really easy to customize.

1. Thesis

Well, thesis is probably #1 wordpress theme for seo. It is really easy to customize as well. You don’t need any plugins or what so ever to optimize it well for search engines. Matt Cutts himself is using thesis theme and so are lots of other top sites. You can visit official website of thesis to know more and check sites created with thesis.

2. Elegant Themes

Wide range of choice, tons and tons of design. You will get 35+ themes for the price of 1. Which is indeed a great deal.

Just visit and have a look around. There are many themes with really cool design and seo optimized. They offer customization service as well for extra money. Joining the theme club costs you nearly $40 where you will get 1 years access to all of the themes 35+ and growing … You can’t ask for anything more. I am using elegant theme currently and quite happy with it.

3. Headway

Headway theme is another good SEO theme. However, it is bit pricy like thesis theme. But customization is really easy in this (Similar to thesis).

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