Making Money Online

by Baba

Internet is place for two things, Knowledge or Money. But many who want to earn money online end up either earning pennies or become victim in the hands of  Scammers.

There is no sure shot way to earn money, the method which worked for me might not work for you. But there is a sure way for success that is identify your core competency.

The best way to earn money is by providing your service to other people. The important factor is that you should first learn anything in which you achieve mastery then money will flow.

If you are good then you can try or

There is another method which I used to make good money. It is by running an application on Facebook. Facebook is a great social networking website for making money. Great because it has more than 350 million users, means a lot of userbase and it supports applications which are easy to create or even better you can buy any readymade application.

What I did was, I started around 5 applications in March last week, then I updated them and promoted them. I earned by advertisements.  The application I used was gifting application. Since sending and receiving free gifts is a mostly used work in facebook, so it was not hard to promote my application. Soon I had more than 15000 users and during  whole month of April I made $218.

So I can surely say for starters, facebook is a nice way to make money. Even if you can’t make the amount I made, but even if you are able to make half then also its not bad.

You will need to start a gifting application first and then get some ads from . If you can’t code application yourself then you can buy some readymade application. Just do a google search and you will find many.

Then next step is to add content and then promote the application. In starting you might now get any decent income but as soon as the users will grow then you will start seeing income in your advertising account.

So start and see what you can make.

If you want to have a quick start guide then you can try the following e-book which will help you to start your very own Facebook Applications without spending any money other than the cost of the book: Make Money with Facebook

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