Get your book Published

by Baba

Many people wanted to be author, many have the ability to write a good book but unfortunetly they can never see their work printed.

But here is an online service which will help you to realize your dream.

The Service is by, they allow you to get your Book published and you can order as many books as you look. You can even get a Single copy for yourself. The prices are a bit high than what you would have gotten through regular print service but still getting a single book or your story, poem or content in form of book is priceless.

You can also sell your book through and whats more. You can also get an ISBN Number for your book and sell it through, you can also create a store where all your books will be included for sale.

You will be able to decide the price of the book and whatever will be your margin, you will get monthly payment of every book sold during that time by paypal.

I myself have published two books using and have sold more than 50 copies of my books. My Lulu Storefront is

For Indians, there is another service which was started by IIM Student Jaya Jha and her husband. Its This is Indian answer to, they also are Print on demand and you can get your book published with them. The Prices are low but so is the quality.

I have ordered from both and To be honest, Lulu’s quality was equal to that of International book where as’s quality was good but not that good.’s official site :

So let your dream published…

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