Kontent Machine Review & Discount: The Dream Machine

by Baba

Last updated on February 9th, 2013 at 09:24 am

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Are you looking for a great content submission service that will help you make lots of money writing article online? Writing article (content) online can be a very daunting task that make many writers nervous. Never fear though, with the help of Kontent Machine you can generate all types of articles that will fit any and every niche. This can help save you tons of time writing articles and hoping they will be accepted by the client. Kontent Machine is your one stop article shop for all your needs and help free up time that you can dedicated to other areas of interest like back linking.

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Kontent Machine Review: Search Engine Optimization and More

The thing that makes Kontent Machine such a great software service is its ability to generate articles that are chopped full of keywords and amazing content. Latent Semantic indexing(LSI) keywords are always included in the articles generated by the software. LSI keywords are simply keywords that are similar in meaning. This helps make content seem more natural when google is looking for relevant content. LSI keywords are great to use because repeating the same keyword over and over again really does nothing more than add a lot of fluff to a article without changing any of the information. Kontent Machine also bookmarks the information that you make available and catalogues it according to keywords.


Kontent Machine: Templates

With Kontent Machine you can create Article Templates and format them so you can reuse them anytime you want. Kontent Machine also makes some pre made templates for all your article and content writing needs. With this software you will no longer need any other Search Engine Optimization tool, but this one making your life much easier. You will no longer have to manually type in what category you should put your SEO tools in. Kontent Machine generate categories, tags and keywords that will help you in your content building endeavors.


Kontent Machine: Topics and Titles

Kontent Machines truly do everything. I understand how hard it maybe to generate topics and titles, but no more you can choose from a list of great relevant titles to fit all your articles. One of the best things about this software is it will automatically fill in all the resource boxes and summaries in your article, so you don’t have to worry about it. Kontent Machine’s smart system truly saves you time and effort when it comes to generating top quality content. Now, you can use it to build back links and more importantly introduce more traffic to your site. The more traffic you receive to your site the more potential customers ( and therefore sells) you could possibly make.


Kontent Machine: SpinTax Articles

With the Kontent Machine you can use nested spin tax in your articles. Nested Spintax allows you to generate hundreds of different articles for whatever categories you need. This is a lot more convenient than a normal Spintax, which only delivers a few generated articles. The Kontent machine software helps you come up with more content than other spun software available.


Kontent Machine: Videos and Images

Imagine being able to insert videos and images to your content automatically. With the Kontent Machine software all of this is possible. You will have instant access to relevant visual that will enhance the overall presentation of the content. This software gives  you 100% control over how the video or images is presented and where it is placed. With the Kontent Machine’s randomization button you can randomly add visuals to all of your content. This will help make all of your SEO content more realistic and less automated. This will also increase the chances of your link being ranked very high.


Kontent Machine: Contextual Links

Do you know how valuable a contextual link is? If not let me try to explain what it is quickly. A contextual Link is text that also acts as link to an relevant site. This is one of the most powerful links around because it naturally draws the readers eye to the text, as well as prompts them to click on them. When written correctly these links can generate lots of traffic to a certain site. With the help of Kontent machine you never have to worry about contextually linking words, because the software will do it automatically. Kontent machine will automatically randomize the contextual links so they appear to be more natural and less likely denied by SEO regulations.


This is the only article generator you will ever have to use. This software makes things much easier and more convenient for you. Imagine having all the work done for you while you enjoy the pay off of a job well done.

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