BlueHost Review & Discount Coupon: The Site and The Savings

by Baba

Are you looking for a great web hosting site that can help you with all your internet domain needs? Well look no further than the Blue host website. This site has over 2 million domains alongside its partnered companies (Host Monster and Fast Domain). It was founded in 1996 by Matt Heaton and Dan Handy in Provo, Utah. This web hosting service can help you start your own website and start up your own online business. After reading this article you will be more familiar with this hosting site and its benefits to you.


BlueHost Review : Features and Functions Of This Site

Blue host is known for its excellent web hosting service. It uses the best in server room technology to make sure customers needs are satisfied. Uptime and Website speed is always optimal and the experts at Blue Host are reliable and helpful. This site also acts as an Word-press host that can help you with all your blogging needs. Word press gives you the power to create a blog or a website, at the same time.


With its Open Source hosting software, you can get access to better products at a much lower price. Some of the features of an Open Source software will become automatically available to you when you sign up for Blue Host. Building a website becomes so much easier when you become apart of Blue Host. They have all the tools you will need to build a website including:

  • Thousands of templates
  • Trendy Site Builder
  • Word Press Design
  • Template help


BlueHost: Email and Affiliate Marketing

Alongside your brand new Blue Host you will automatically be prompted to create an email, so visitors and customers can stay in contact with you. The email address you will be given is going to be secure and safe. Once your email address and website domain name is created you can begin attracting customers and money easily. You will be instantly provided with Blue Host’s Reseller programs. With affiliate marketing you can make money simply by selling other people’s product on your website.


BlueHost: Shopping Carts, Space and Professionalism

Blue Host offers plenty of space for the database of your hosting account so you never have to worry about going over your data limits. With Blue Host you will have total control over every aspect of your website. Simple Scripts comes standard with Blue Host. This service allows you to install website scripts fast and easy. Your website can become whatever you want it to be: content management, e-commerce, forums, guest books and help centers. Imagine all the visitors your website will accrue when you sign up with Blue Host.


Every visitor that your website gets is a potential customer that may want to buy something that your website offers. With E-commerce you can make money using well known services like: Magneto, Cube Cart and Zen Cart. When you sell your products with shopping carts services it makes the overall site seem more legit and trustworthy.  Apart of making your website more reputable means offering customer service. With customer service your customers will have the comfort of knowing that any issues they may have with the products can be resolved by the stroke of key.


BlueHost: Other Offers

For only $4.95 a month you will have access to Unlimited Domain Hosting and Unlimited GB Hosting Space. Aside from its 24/7 phone and email support, Blue Host offers drag and drop site building software. You also get courtesy site back ups, UPS Power Backup and Streaming Audio/Video Support. Alongside your Affiliate Program you can receive up to $65.00 every time you refer a person to the site.

BlueHost Discount : Coupons and Savings

When you sign up to BlueHost using the promotion code(coupon) you will pay a discounted price of $3.95 a month. Getting the coupon for Blue Host is very simple and easy all that you have to do is Google the Blue Host Coupon. Once you have found the Blue Host Coupon landing site simply click on the coupon link that will take you to the promo code that you enter when you first sign up.

Starting your own website or internet business does not have to be difficult or time consuming. Simply let Blue Host do what they have done for many other online business owners and help you create the site of your dreams. Once your site is built, you can begin to make money using affiliate marketing or simple salesmanship. Once you begin making money online, you will see just how simple it ease for you to attract more money and even make some commission.

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