Kiss – An Ultimate Solution

by Baba

Okay, we have heard enough on the art of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra from the East which tells us that they are the greatest art on the earth that regulates the flow of positive energy and air around the house. Oh come on, I don’t think that’s true. You mean there are no quarrels and stupid discussions in the houses that are built up on these principles, or that they constantly get enough cash flow that makes them more happy and successful. Why don’t you philosophers just cut the crap and start talking real truth. You know something; I think the greatest art on earth is the art of kissing. Mmmmmmuuuuuuaaahhhhhhh. After all, kissing too is an art of regulating your breath and air flow which pacifies most of the quarrels and disputes. Ask the husbands if you don’t believe me.

Okay, now if your partner really suffers from bad breath than I think you are in desperate need of some help from the Almighty. But don’t you think that kissing is the greatest art of all times. Don’t you kiss your girlfriend when she is like totally mad on you? A good kiss on her lips works like a melted butter on the Teflon coated frying pan, unless you are a bad kisser who sucks like a vacuum cleaner or like a dusty car blower who is too noisy as if eating some hakka noodles in haste.

Well, you know what kissing is the only art that is not expensive. I mean if you don’t have a single penny to buy a rose, give your partner a million dollar kiss and that’s is one way of saving income, after all even beggars have the right to be a Casanova, don’t they? And you can kiss whenever and wherever you want, you can kiss in the bedroom, in the café shop, you can take your partner to roof of Empire State building for that romantic kiss, but that will cost you some good chunk of money. Kissing is allowed in most isolated and dangerous places on earth like Antarctica and Afghanistan, however, don’t try such stupid stunts unless you are tired of living.

Guess what, kissing is legal everywhere in the United States of America and if it wasn’t legal, I am sure it would have been legalized by now as so many political controversies revolve around kissing and affairs within White House. So, next time you want to share your feelings or want to show how much you love your partner, feel free to display this art that can echo miles away.

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