Does Web Hosting Affect in SEO ?

by Baba

Web Hosting will surely be affecting in SEO. If you have a web hosting that often has downtime errors then your search engine ranking also will be affected. Search Engine Optimization is really vast and we should be careful in each and every factor to be successful. Webmasters are often driven away by cheap web hosting rather than quality. They also are interested in unlimited hosting with unlimited features.

Unlimited Hosting with Unlimited features is good ?

I have seen that people are most interested in unlimited web hosting with unlimited features whereas there is nothing like unlimited in this world. Everything has limit. How can you expect unlimited hosting from the server which has 1000GB limited disk space ? And why do you need unlimited hosting ? What are you planning to host there or you want name only unlimited in your account ? No, unlimited hosting with unlimited features is the worst hosting. If you want best web hosting and quality hosting then choose good package like 10GB space with 100GB bandwidth and 1000 email accounts which is more than enough for average level websites.

I can understand why people are interested in unlimited web hosting. Even i was interested in my first days. I also bought some unlimited hosting but they had much limitation. We were not allowed to host files like mp3 also. What is the use of disk space when we can’t use it ? We were only allowed to host html and php files along with images. Even 2GB space was not filled there and name was unlimited. Also, there were various restrictions and several downtime errors. After that i quit cheap hosting and started high quality hosting. I will surely let you all know about high quality hosting that i am using (Not in this site lol) in my next post.

Relation of hosting and seo

Low quality hosting will affect in seo the most. Lets say google came to your site but it was down. It is like you invited guest to your house and went to your friend’s house. Can you expect the guest to come back again when you call ? Well, never. But Google will come again, it is just crawler. However, it will give less importance to your site if several downtime errors occur.

Speed of your hosting : Speed affects much. Everyone wants to be fast and quick. If you have slow server then ? It will also affect seo somehow. More likely it will affect visitors to your website. So, web hosting and SEO have deep relationship 🙂 Choose quality hosting to be successful.

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